Time Person of the Year – The Mob




Contributing Authors George Thompson, @Adamsbaldwin, and Grace Colucchi

Time magazine named The Protester as Person of the Year and included cleansed stories about the mobs throughout the world who cunningly call themselves “protesters.” The mobs in the ME are the guys we want running Egypt, just like we want the OWS running our country. These mobs of protesters embody what most Americans want according to our leaders. Time Magazine insinuates the same.

The truth is that the global mobs, under the euphemism “protesters,” embody what Americans see as evil and out-of-control. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good people with good intentions who are involved in these movements, and it doesn’t mean they are without cause, but once they become mobs, they are evil. The Tea Party was left out of the Time issue about The Protester and rightfully so – they became loud at times but they never became a mob.

Remember the brutal rape and beating of Lara Logan? Her assault is a good example of the mob that Time left out and which we will see more of as the Islamists take over the countries in the ME.

The protesters laughed while Lara Logan was being mercilessly raped and assaulted. I don’t know how she survived it. Lara Logan talked about the rape on 60 Minutes. The account on Muslim media is far more graphic and details a brutal gang rape and beating that included up to 50 men with many more male and female protesters looking on and taking photos with cellphones.

These are the protestors that Time Magazine believes worthy of their cover and an issue filled with sanitized stories misrepresenting who these people are. Check the Time stories out if you must: The Protester

If you can handle something truly horrific, this is a video of a similar attack on another poor woman in the ME – Brutal assault in the ME

Instead of whining about how the OWS have to pay off college loans and instead of praising mobs in the ME, why doesn’t Time go over to the ME and stand up for the abused women in these countries? Why don’t the OWS send protesters to the ME or the Sudan?