Tingles Tells Hillary She’s Getting Him in a Mood


chris matthews

Chris Matthews aka Tingles is at it again. The MSNBC host was made famous when he said he felt “a thrill up his leg” while he was covering Barack Obama’s campaign.

During a very awkward moment in Monday’s MSNBC townhall event with Hillary Clinton, Chris Matthews told the Democratic front-runner “You’re getting me in a mood.”

“That’s dangerous,” Clinton coyly replied.

The segment began with Matthews erroneously reporting Clinton lost Iowa, which she quickly corrected him on. After some playful banter, he clumsily told her she was putting him “in a mood.”

MATTHEWS: “Welcome back to the old state capital in Springfield, Illinois. Thank you, madam secretary. I am amazed, maybe I shouldn’t say I’m amazed, but senator Sanders have pulled off some gig victories. He’s won in Iowa —“
CLINTON: “—No, I won in Iowa.” [Applause]
MATTHEWS: “That’s right, you did.”
CLINTON: “I hope that stays in the show.”
MATTHEWS: “Why did I think — let’s talk about —“
CLINTON: “It was very close.”
MATTHEWS: “You’re getting me in a mood.”
CLINTON: “That’s dangerous.”

He really needs to calm down.