Totalitarianism Alert: California Town Criminalizes Name Calling


Carson City bloods

photo of Carson Bloods. Carson, California has ample gang activity but the town fathers are worried about name calling.

The MSN reports that one LA town will now make it a crime for 5-year olds to name call because they need to protect the public from bullies.

Carson, California, a suburb of LA, is going to make it a misdemeanor crime for children under 25 to bully. They claim they won’t jail 5-year olds, though the law is so loosely written, they could.

It was passed by the city council unanimously but still requires a final vote on May 20.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department will have to enforce it.

I’m sure they have time to arrest children, what with all the LA gangs under such good control.

The measure loosely defines bullying as a “willful course of conduct which involves harassment of a person(s) from kindergarten through age 25.” This measure would make name calling a misdemeanor.

With total disregard for the First Amendment right to free speech, the measure will include physical and verbal interactions and cyber-bullying.

It will force the alleged bully’s parent to a hearing and will hold them responsible for their child’s actions. Nothing like making parents into criminals for some silly action of their child.

Forced therapy will be part of this just to make certain the child is stigmatized early on.

Jail time is not spelled out and is up for grabs. Misdemeanors in California carry a term of a year in jail.

No room for abuse here.