Transcript of the Final 54 Minutes of Flight MH370 and What We Know So Far – Updates


updates at the end of the article

The Telegraph has posted the full transcript of the final 54 minutes of Flight MH370’s communications up until the moment the co-pilot signed off. It is translated from the Mandarin.


There were two things that were slightly unusual according to the Telegraph. First is the message at 1:07 that they were flying at 35000 feet. The same message was repeated six minutes earlier and it was close to the time that the Acars signaling device sent its last message. That is a minor point.

Second, the loss of communication and the sharp turn occurred just as they entered the dead space at the handover from air traffic controllers in Kuala Lumpur to those in Ho Chi Minh City. It would be a good time to steal a plane unnoticed some reported.

At about 1:21, the transponder was shut off. The jet turned sharply west and off its course, possibly within two minutes of signing off. Some reports indicate the plane turned before the sign off. There is information suggesting a sharp turn had been programmed into the plane’s flight management system before one of the pilots gave a routine sign-off to Malaysian air traffic controllers. The programming could have taken place while they were on the ground.

A satellite company said it received signals from the plane five hours after it was last heard from.

The last signal from the plane came at 08:11 a.m., about the time the plane would have run out of fuel.

Lignet, a security firm, has not changed their view that the plane is in Pakistan. They learned that engineers at Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer, believed the missing aircraft was on the ground in Pakistan. For several reasons, including al-Qaeda’s presence there, historical attack patterns, corruption, weakness and terrorist sympathies at the highest levels inside Pakistan.

The absence of wreckage suggests a planned diversion, the kidnapping of 230 passengers and obvious ill intent. If Flight 370 has indeed fallen into the hands of al-Qaeda, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement potentially are engaged in a race against time to find the aircraft before it is used in a terror attack to rival 9/11, Lignet wrote on their website.

There are two routes the plane could have taken – northwest or southwest. The search is currently concentrating on the southern route where radar picked up two large pieces of possible debris in a drift area 1500 miles southwest of Perth seven days ago. The spots on the satellite photos could be light, dolphins, ocean junk, or any number of things. The photos are old and the objects could be anywhere after a weeks time and under bad weather conditions.

A search is underway in the South China Seas but it would be easier to look for a needle in a haystack.

The FBI is currently looking through the pilot’s and co-pilot’s phone calls and the pilot’s simulator which includes erased data. The simulator is actually several computer screens he put together so he could run through different flight simulations, nothing unusual for pilots.

Both pilots were well-respected with no ties to terrorism. There was a passenger who is a flight mechanic and he has been investigated without anything turning up. The pilot was under some personal stress.

Most people believe the plane was diverted by the pilots or a passenger and sent crashing into the South China Sea.


Updates: 10/22/14: China has spotted debris 74 feet by 34 feet in the South China Sea and is heading towards it now. Read more on this link.