The New DSM Psychiatric Manual Will Determine if Transgenders Are Normal

Corporal Klinger

The DSM psychiatric manual will be reprinted at the end of the year and the psychiatrists who put it together are getting pressure to include transgender people (transexuals, cross-dressers, et cetera) as normal.

Years ago, gays were considered abnormal and it took years for the DSM to change the manual to classify them as normal. Now the transgenders want the same – to be considered normal.

So far, the psychiatrists pulling the manual together have changed the identification for transgender youth from Gender Identity Disorder, the diagnosis now given to adults, to “a strong and persistent cross-gender identification.”

Adult transgenders are classified as having Gender Identity Disorder and Transvestic Fetishism. Transgenders believe this promotes discrimination by “broad-brushing a diverse population with the stigma of mental illness.” They want transgenders to be considered normal under the umbrella term, Gender Dysphoria.

Transgenders are people who diverge from the cultural gender norms. They identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual or asexual.

Some transgenders believe they were not born the sex they were meant to be. [AP]

Other transgenders like to dress in clothes of the opposite sex and many have no other unusual habits.

The term transgender takes in many types of unusual gender choices and appears to be too broad a term.  Is the answer to declassify all of the many divergent sexual proclivities included in the classification transgender or should they broken down into different categories? Transgenders want all to be considered normal with one broad stroke.

The psychiatrists are grappling with the issue as they determine what will be included in the DSM as a disorder and what will be excluded.