Traumatically Injured Hero Marine Can’t Get Help From the VA


Recently a friend and a fellow blogger tried to get help from the VA. He traveled 50 miles three times a week trying to convince them to give him oxygen for his life-threatening lung disease. That went on for months until he died. He was an average American that no one will ever know about but he served his country honorably. This is going on throughout the country to many of our bravest and most self-sacrificing Americans.

A new horror story has hit the news about a hero Marine who can’t get help – he gets help once every nine months though his mental health situation is critical. He had been hit with an IED while fighting the Taliban.

The photo of Staff Sgt. William Bee has been shown around the world. A sudden attack prevented him from grabbing his helmut.

Wm Bee1 Wm Bee2

wmbee3The Sergeant’s brothers were all killed and he was left with traumatic brain injury.

He manages to teach classes to ex-soldiers at the VA, helping ex-servicemen and women transition back to their normal lives and use their skills to find new careers.

However he has serious recurring health problems and has tried to kill himself.

“I’ve had bursts of anger so severe that I’ve put holes through walls, and moments of lost time, when we would find a pack’s worth of cigarettes in a milk jug and my sweaters stacked neatly in the fridge, and I couldn’t remember doing any of it,” he has said.

His flashbacks require anti-psychosis medication and regular appointments with a psychiatrist. But when he tries to arrange an appointment, he is met with administrative obstacles and is told to wait.

He praises the doctors and nurses at the VA, but condemns the lack of resources they have, while bureaucrats work on lucrative, taxpayer funded contracts. The VA still gives out bonuses.

Since his regular psychiatrist moved to private practice, VA officials have said they are still trying to re-assign her patients, meaning a further delay in his sessions.

“I need someone to talk to outside of my wife, because I cannot expect her to take anything more upon herself that she already has,” he said.

These service men and women must be allowed to get help elsewhere when the VA can’t fulfill its responsibilities.

Dan Caldwell, CVA’s Legislative and Political Director, told Daily Mail Online: “The bureaucracy (at the VA) is out of control, and it is starting to resemble a quasi-criminal organisation like the Mafia.”

“That might sound like very strong rhetoric, but if you look at how they’re behaving in terms of not holding people accountable. Allowing people that have committed serious crimes to remain on the payroll and oftentimes longer before they can actually go and fire them, it’s completely unacceptable. It’s one of the many problems with the VA but it’s the biggest.”





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