TREY GOWDY Has TWO WORDS for His Colleagues Blabbering About Benghazi


Trey Gowdy

Rep. Trey Gowdy, Chair of the special House Committee investigating Benghazi has two words for his Republican colleagues and friends – “Shut Up”. Specifically he said, “Shut up talking about things that you don’t know anything about.”

“Unless you’re on the committee you have no idea what we’ve done, why we’ve done it, and what new facts we have found,” Gowdy said in an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested that Hillary’s poll numbers declined as a result of the committee. Democrats jumped on that, claiming Republicans admitted Benghazi was a political hit job. A terminated committee staffer claimed he was fired because he objected to the political motivations he seemed to think the GOP members had.

Gowdy called the allegations “salacious” and said the ex-staffer had no idea what was going on in the committee since June. The staffer never even mentioned it until last week when he was interviewed.

“They don’t have any idea what the facts are,” Gowdy said. “She’s an important witness but she is one witness and by the time we’re through john we will have interviewed 70 witnesses so she’s one out of the 70.”

Other Republicans have not asked for updates and are clueless on the committee’s investigation.

Gowdy and the team only just received the emails of Christopher Stevens and it’s one of the reasons this has dragged on. The government has not been forthcoming. Christopher Stevens was killed in 2012 in the 9/11 attack on the Benghazi mission.

Gowdy said Stevens asked for more security at the post because of the surge in violence almost on the exact day that he was asked to read an email from Sidney Blumenthal, Clinton’s unapproved adviser during her tenure as Secretary. He was also asked for messaging advice on the Libya violence.

“He didn’t need help with PR, he was asking for more security and on one occasion he even joked in an email, ‘Maybe we should ask another government to pay for our security upgrades because our government isn’t willing to do it,'” Gowdy said. He said Stevens’ emails illustrate “the total disconnect between what was happening in Libya” and the requests he was receiving from the State Department.

“While violence was going up in Libya why was our security profile going down. It wasn’t even staying the same, it was going down,” he said. “I want to know why certain things made it to your inbox, madam secretary, but the…pleadings of our own ambassador that you put in place for more security never bothered to make it to your inbox. I think that’s a fair question.”

Hillary, in her testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on January 23rd, said that she didn’t know help was requested. A report showed that she approved reductions in security levels before the 9/11/12 attack. She later said that her stamped signature on the cable reducing help was done without her knowledge.

Clinton will testify Thursday. The committee is not only interested in Mrs. Clinton. They are primarily interested in what happened in Benghazi. If the government had turned over the information two years ago, it would have been over by now.

The committee does not have all the Clinton emails yet.

The investigation has yielded a lot of information about our military preparedness and ability to respond to emergencies, Gowdy said.

Gowdy is intent on proving the committee is not out to damage Hillary politically and hopefully he won’t overcompensate.