U.S. Troops Murdered in Quran Backlash & Feckless U.S. President Votes Present



Update: 15:32 EST: Obama sent a letter of apology for the Quran burning on the same day our soldiers were murdered. Read more: Obama apologizes to Karzai for a mistake as our soldiers are murdered.

Original Story: 07:36 EST: By now, you have heard about the Quran burning in Afghanistan. The Qurans were being defiled by their own people who used them to send messages of terror and planned insurrection to those in and out of the U.S. base.

Burnings occurred when some of the defiled books were accidentally sent to a burn pit. It was not done out of disrespect. It was stopped as soon as the mistake was realized.

The Afghans did not care and began to murder NATO forces and invaded U.S. facilities, calling for the deaths of our soldiers.

I wonder if they are the “nice Taliban” or the poppy dealers or part of Harzai’s corrupt and collapsing government. This was the “right” war, the one that Obama won.

As the rampages and destruction continued, we apologized.

In his apology for the burning Tuesday, [General] Allen said: “It was not a decision that was made with respect to the faith of Islam. It was a mistake. It was an error. The moment we found out about it, we immediately stopped and we intervened.”

A military official said the materials were removed from the detainee center’s library because they had “extremist inscriptions” on them and there was “an appearance that these documents were being used to facilitate extremist communications.”

That only accelerated the violence as our President, the quiet observor, votes “present” once again, just as he continually did in his short stints as state and later U.S. Senator.

Today, two of our soldiers were murdered – shot to death – and four were wounded (I don’t know how critically)by an an Afghan soldier and it was over the mistakenly burned books. The mobs of Afghans think we defiled the books while it was they who used the words of God to foster death and destruction.

Our feckless President, who does not even have his signature inscribed on the Naval Academy Diplomas as did Presidents before him, has once again shown who and what he is – but will anyone notice? or care?

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What I find infuriating about the following video is the narrator saying it could have been an act of stupidity. The only act of stupidity is the extreme over-reaction of these mindless mobs who think God would want them to murder people for a mistake. These soldiers are risking their lives to protect their people and they are the ones acting stupidly, to understate their reaction.

This is not our fault. The only ones to blame are the murderous mobs who will use any excuse to kill and destroy. I am tired of hearing about their Holy Book and the extreme respect they must be accorded despite their obvious mission to kill anyone who does not agree with them.