US Arming Tyrannical Egyptian State While It Faces Potential Collapse – Brilliant!


Egypt burns

Barack Obama clearly took credit, with Hillary Clinton, for the “success” in Egypt and Libya:

Aside from the fact that Mohammad Morsi of Egypt is a self-proclaimed enemy of Israel and the United States, he is currently facing the potential downfall of his budding Islamic theocracy.

His defense minister warned today that Egypt faces collapse if feuding civilian leaders cannot come up with a solution to the ever-growing crisis of violent clashes in the major cities of Egypt.

One of the most secure areas of Cairo was invaded by protestors, some going into the protected tourist area, raiding high-end stores, and threatening a luxury hotel.

The protesters are ignoring the 9 pm curfew, chanting against Morsi and assaulting police.

The once-trusted military is not Mubarek’s military. The military leaders have been replaced with Islamists.

Egypt is now a tyrannical Islamic state but not everyone is going along with it.

The protesters are secularists, Coptics, and other freedom fighters who are opposed to Morsi forcing an Islamic government on them, one which does not give equal rights.

Violent protests continue throughout the major cities of Egypt and the government seems powerless to stop them.

It is under these conditions that our administration – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – are sending tanks and F-16 fighter jets to Egypt as gifts. Egypt is paying for them with our money.

Scott O’Grady, a former USAF Captain and former United States Air Force fighter pilot gained prominence after he ejected over Bosnia when his F-16C was shot down by a Bosnian Serb SA-6 on June 2, 1995, while he was patrolling the no-fly zone. He survived for 17 days by evading, hiding, and living off bugs, grass, and leaves, before being rescued.

He is a hero who knows danger. He also knows the enemy. He weighed in on the donation of jets and tanks to Egypt in an interview with Sean Hannity:

In an interview with Greta this evening, Hillary said we must be careful that Egypt does not sink into a State that does not follow the rule of law. Does she realize Morsi is a tyrannical Islamist and Egypt is sinking into chaos? Will someone tell her please? Doesn’t she read the NY Times?

Hillary Clinton is missing the warning signs. According to her, Egypt is just learning and this is a period of adjustment. We have to give tyranny a chance apparently.

This is not going well.