USDA Is Spending $5 Million Dollars to Fruve Us!


In order to get college students to eat fruits and vegetables – since apparently they hadn’t learned that by the time they got to college – they are being encouraged to do so by college kids dressed up as grapes, bananas, et cetera and creepily jumping out of corners yelling, “Get Fruved.” It is safe to say that this idea might have originated during a keg party, but it will cost us more than a keg.

It’s part of a project approved by the USDA, the same USDA that advertises food stamps in Mexico.

The USDA awarded a $5 million grant to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville “to implement effective strategies to support America’s next generation so they can have a healthy childhood and develop healthy habits for life,” USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said in announcing the grant.

Fruved stands for FRUits and VEgetables. How clever, we say at the Sentinel, our words dripping with sarcasm.  Is this the end of civilization as we know it?

According to their website, “Collegiate 4-H students from different states will work together to develop and lead a creative, exciting, and interactive social marketing campaign. Campus social marketing activities will include fruit and vegetable costumed characters, use of social media, a study website, and online educational initiatives. Fruved is a term developed by students that describes the process of eating FRUits and Vegetables.”

Check out one of their videos:

It reminds me of a toga party.  Have you seen Animal House? Instead of looking at these videos, go rent Animal House. It’s more enjoyable and will cost next-to-nothing:

You can see more of the enormously ridiculous videos that were made as part of this project on this link. On their website, they explain that these dopey videos were made at no cost to the taxpayer. These were part of the pilot project, after which they were GIVEN $5 MILLION TAX DOLLARS!

This is supposedly cool. Really? Seriously?!? Check out their logo below. All I can say is back at ya!

go fruve yourself

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