Valerie Jarrett Seeks Talks with Iran as They Fire on Our Drone – Again


In January, it was reported by Mehr News, that Obama was still seeking direct talks with Ahmadinejad. They said they received other letters from President Obama, each one asking for secret talks.

Prior to the election, it was reported that Valerie Jarrett was trying to arrange a deal with the Iranians that could then be announced as an October Surprise. Iranians said they wanted to wait until after the election to talk with who ever wins the presidency. The story was denied by the White House and the State Department.

The talks never unfolded but the story was out there. After the Iranians shot at our drone on the first of November, a matter not revealed by the Obama administration until after the election, it is now known that Jarrett is still trying to meet with the Iranians to make a deal, even while they are threatening us.

Obama’s response to the drone being shot at by Iran on November 1st was sent through the Swiss. We know that Obama said in the response that our jets will continue to fly over international waters.

Obama, through his spokesperson, announced at the latest WH briefing that they don’t know what the Iranians were up to.

The January leak about secret talks spurred an Iranian spokesperson to say:  “Obama’s letter indicates that the United States has become afraid of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s might and has realized the point that an arrogant spirit is of no use, and therefore, he has softened his tone when speaking about the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

If you are not familiar with the letter that was allegedly sent by Obama to Ahmadinejad asking for direct talks in January, click here. The letter was published on an Iranian site, MehrNews. Obama called for negotiations and said he will not take hostile actions against Iran.

To put it in context, this was at the height of threats between Israel and Iran. At the same time, in January, Obama issued a stern warning to Israel not to attack Iran.

President Obama denied sending the January letter to one news source and then admitted it to another. Click here for the story.

The White House and State Department deny that Valerie Jarrett is seeing talks with the Iranians at this time.

Last December, Ahmadinejad shot down one of our drones and shared the information contained in the drone with the Chinese. Click here for that story.