Violent Union Protesters Really Know How to Win Hearts and Minds


The Michigan house passed two right-to-work laws earlier in the day – one focused on public sector workers, and one focused on private-sector workers. Governor Snyder signed the bills, making Michigan the 24th Right-to-Work state.

Right-to-Work states have 6.9% unemployment and non-Right-to-Work states have 8.7% unemployment. The lowest unemployment is in the 23 right-to-work states.

Jobs are leaving union states and heading for Right-to-Work states like Wisconsin and Indiana. Governor Snyder, in taking on the unions, is hoping the same will happen for Michigan.

Governor Snyder’s right-to-work legislation gives union members the right to join or not join the union. The unions are responding with bully tactics and they are proud of it. They don’t believe in a right to choose and they don’t believe in the democratic process.

It’s day one and they are already violent. I imagine President Obama’s encouragement emboldened them. President Obama said yesterday that Republicans were on a race to the bottom. He said the same thing in September, 2011. He likes that line.

The union leaders bear most of the blame, however, as they lead their workers in mob brutality.

Reporter Steven Crowder being sucker punched.

Another scene from today in which a tent belonging to Americans for Prosperity was torn down with people trapped inside.

Lovely people. One must wonder how many are teaching our children.

This Dem, who is stuck in 1912, is threatening his opponents – there will be blood he claims.