Voters Might Want to Take A Hard Look at Demos for Congress


I hate two-faced people.  I don’t know which one to slap first. ~Anon

New York has a number of loud and incoherent wannabes hoping to get elected into positions of political power, but George Demos is a standout among them. During his last campaign, he charmed the public while he was running one of the dirtiest campaigns out there and displaying a flamboyant disregard for the facts.

Demos’ characterizations of his opponents in last year’s Republican Primary for Congress (Chris Cox and Randy Altschuler) didn’t bear much of a resemblance to the two candidates. Now Demos is back with a vengeance, attacking Randy Altschuler because he (Demos) is running for Congress in Long Island’s CD-1 next year and plans to primary against Randy Altschuler, the Republican and Conservative candidate.

Without a record to run on, Demos is doing what he does best, running a nasty campaign.

Demos record is one of selling out a whistleblower named Peter Sivere, who had the wherewithal to reveal possible wrongdoing by his employer, JP Morgan Chase when they were being investigated for fraud. Demos, former enforcement lawyer for the SEC, assured Mr. Sivere, a JP Morgan Chase compliance officer, that their discussion was confidential. Demos then revealed Mr. Sivere’s name to his employer, JP Morgan Chase. Sivere was fired by Chase.

Demos has not expressed remorse for ratting out Mr. Sivere, and he has not acknowledged that there is an ethical conflict in a lawyer revealing confidential information to the target of an investigation, even when the rules governing his position clearly say otherwise.

From blogger Larry Doyle: “…But one case that never made headlines was his own: Demos’ campaign Web site and public statements omit any reference to a report last March of the SEC’s Inspector General (IG), which found he had improperly disclosed protected, nonpublic information about a whistleblower to the counsel for that whistleblower’s employer, a major Wall Street bank, JPMorgan Chase…” Read more here: Sense on cents and here: No Quarter

The ethical case against Mr. Demos is still being pursued in the courts and one has to wonder why nothing has come of it when the evidence is powerful. One also has to wonder about this Wall St.-Washington relationship when one considers the fact that Mr. Demos, as an SEC enforcement officer, gave confidential information to the target of an SEC investigation – JP Morgan Chase. What’s up with that?

Given his record, the following self-praise from his website is questionable –

“George Demos has dedicated his entire career to fighting corporate fraud and crime on behalf of the American people.”

Then there is the fact that Mr. Demos brags about his SEC experience. He was working at the SEC when Madoff was pulling off his Ponzi schemes; maybe he shouldn’t be bragging about working at the SEC when that profound failure occurred.

This is what is touted on his website (georgedemosforcongress) –

“George served as a United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforcement attorney from 2002 through 2009 where he specialized in prosecuting corporate and white collar fraud…George also served on the 2009 Bernard Madoff prosecution team responsible for bringing to justice the perpetrators of the largest financial fraud in American history. “

Demos thinks he came, he saw and he conquered, when in actuality, he was there, he saw nothing, and he moseyed in at the end.

Demos claims to be the great defender of the Greek Church at Ground Zero.  I would be curious to know what he’s actually done for them outside of providing a megaphone.

Instead of talking about issues honestly, Demos is attacking his Republican Primary opponent, Randy Altschuler, with over-the-top propaganda. Demos claims he is the only conservative and Mr. Altschuler is a clone of the Democratic opponent, Tim Bishop. Strange that the Conservative Party chose Altschuler over Demos if that’s the case.

Randy Altschuler is a conservative and is by no means part of a Bishop-Altschuler team, but that doesn’t stop Demos from saying they are a team. Demos says whatever.

Altschuler has been talking about a balanced budget amendment for years now, but you wouldn’t guess it from the Demos correspondence.

In an email recently forwarded by Demos to his followers, he disingenuously states the following –

“Tim Bishop and Randy Altschuler both supported the debt-downgrade disaster bill to give President Obama a blank check to spend nearly $3 trillion more that we don’t have. They warned us of an impending “catastrophe” if we didn’t let them waste more of our hard earned money. They took our money, but the disaster came anyway. In the private sector, we call this fraud.”

Quite assuredly, Demos has not a clue what fraud is or he would have spotted Madoff’s scheme and he wouldn’t have betrayed the confidence of a whistleblower to the subject of an SEC investigation while he worked as an enforcement officer for the SEC. Nor would he be sharing SEC confidential information to the subject of said investigation.

I think the real team is Demos-Bishop because Demos is doing all he can to ensure a Bishop victory in 2012.