Watch Idiocy in Action on Behalf of the Government


throwing food away

In New York City, the City Council is planning to allow public spitting and urinating on the city streets but if you dare to display foods more than four feet from your storefront, they will take your goods and destroy them.

The pointless law is being ruthlessly enforced. What can you expect from a commie mayor and his commie sidekicks.

Watch – this is incredible:

Provided by Gary Schlesinger, CEO of ParCare Health & Medical Center, the raw footage shows New York City sanitation workers taking boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables and throwing them into a waiting garbage truck.

Why not at least give them to the homeless if they are going to steal some person’s fruits and vegetables?

The vegetable displays were also roped off from the public, many of whom can be seen looking on in confused shock.

The crackdown comes as New York City is ramping up construction site finestraffic camera fines, and fines on offensive advertisements.

Big Brother is alive and well in the Orwellian city of New York where the people once were free until they decided to vote their rights away and elect a communist to the highest office in the city.

The city has also recently launched the Food Retail to Support Health Program (FRESH), which provides zoning incentives to encourage greater access to fresh food.

Politics is always involved.