We See Terrorists Where NBC Sees Youthful Whimsy


hat tip to James Soviero

The Tsarnaev brothers brutally murdered four people. A police officer and another attendee at the Boston marthon lay in a hospital room tonight fighting for their lives. Over 170 people were injured, 15 lost limbs, three lost two limbs.

Tamerlan looked one victim right in the eye when he left the bag with the bomb at his feet, a victim who lost two legs.

Dzhorkhar left a bomb at the feet of an eight-year old boy, a six-year old girl and their mother.

So how does NBC characterize Dzhokhar? Check out the title of their article posted today and that question will be answered, “On social media, Tsarnaevs mixes religious fervor and youthful whimsy.”

I can’t believe they wrote that.

Read it for yourself NBC Whimsical News