We’re Negotiating With Iran While They’re Planning to Lure Our Youth Into Islamic Jihad



On March 12th, Iran’s Supreme leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, told his Orwellian Assembly of Experts that their goal will be to “pursue Islam in its entirety.” Sounds like global jihad to me.

A man in the audience shouted “Death to America” during the speech, to which the Supreme Leader responded, “Of course yes, death to America, because America is the original source of this pressure.”

His speech was posted on his official English language website.

From the speech, it seems that Khamenei has hopes of carrying the mantle of [faux] Islamophobia to American and European youth and using it to encourage them to wage jihad in the name of Islam. The Ayatollah sees Islamophobia as a way to show the world that the “Zionist press and television networks” are targeting Islam.” They’re going to “nudge” us. It will, he says, turn the “threat into an opportunity”.

“Of course, despite what are they doing, their movement against Islam and their effort to create Islamophobia will produce the opposite result. That is to say, their actions will make youth curious about Islam. If the masses of the people in the world are given a little nudge and if we attract their attention, they will begin to understand why the Zionist press and television networks – those which are dependent on powerful and well-to-do cliques – launch so many attacks on Islam. This will pose a question in their minds and we believe that this question has certain blessings and that it can turn this threat into an opportunity.”


“We should introduce the Islam of mercy to the weak [youth who live in Europe, America and distant countries]  and the Islam of jihad and fighting against arrogant powers,” the Ayatollah said.


“We should make efforts. In the Islamic Republic, the great and important feat is that all of us–anyone at any level and with any capability in this regard–should make efforts to introduce original Islam, one that supports the oppressed and that opposes the oppressor,” said the ayatollah. “The youth who live in Europe, America and distant countries become excited about this kind of Islam.”

Faux Islamophobia has kept the West from discussing radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood has used the term effectively to manipulate Americans and Europeans. It’s a propaganda tool for radical Islamists.

America is “deceitful” and Netanyahu is a “Zionist clown”, the Ayatollah said.

This is the clown we are negotiating with.

The Ayatollah called Americans “weak”, “deceitful” and “stabs people in the back” during the speech.

Well, today, America has an attractive appearance and grandeur on the face of it: it has monetary, economic, political, military and security power. This is why some people ignore the fact that in this powerful system, some weak people are deceitful. But this is really the case. America is deceitful and dishonest and it stabs people in the back. America is like this. We should not think that because they have atomic bombs and powerful military equipment, they do not need to use deception and trickery. This is not the case. On the contrary, they desperately need to use deception, as they are doing so in the present time.

He called Netanyahu a “Zionist clown” and America creators and supporters of terrorists.

In the recent days, a Zionist clown [Benjamin Netanyahu] travelled to the U.S. and made certain statements there. In order to look impartial, they made certain statements, but they accused Iran of supporting terrorism. Well, this is a ridiculous claim. Today, everyone in the world can witness that the power and government that has supported and created the most vicious terrorists – such as DAESH and other such groups – is America as well as its allies. Despite their claim to oppose these groups, they do not stop supporting them. Those people who support, help and join hands with the Americans are supporting terrorism and dangerous and malevolent terrorists. America is outspokenly supporting a government that officially admits to being a terrorist – that is to say, the fake Zionist regime. As a matter of fact, supporting terrorism means this and it is the ugliest and most disgusting form. This is while they accuse the Islamic Republic of advocating terrorism. These matters should receive attention.

He referred to the letter by the 47 senators and absurdly claimed it shows the “total destruction of political ethics.”

The letter that U.S. senators wrote recently is a sign of the destruction of political ethics in the American system. One can see all sorts of matters in that letter. It is clear that they are really on the verge of destruction. According to well-known global regulations, all governments in the world should be committed to the promises that they make. Imagine that an administration holds office in a country. This administration promises to do something. When this administration is replaced by another, that promise is still valid and the latter does not go back on it. These senators openly said, “When the current U.S. administration leaves, the contract that it has signed with you and the promise that it has given you will expire as if it did not exist at all”.

This is a sign that shows the total destruction of political ethics in America. It indicates that this system is one that cannot really continue. It indicates that this system is totally ruined. This is while they say that they want to teach their rules and regulations to the Iranians.

One does not get a sense from this that the Ayatollah has any intention of giving up nuclear weaponry or treating the West with any respect whatsoever. It is also clear that Iran won’t stop until they “create a perfect and complete Islamic government. Islam wants the complete implementation of Islam.”

They have the same goal as other jihadists – world domination.

“Because of the conditions that dominate our region and the world,” said the ayatollah, “because of the challenge that exists between the Islamic Republic and some egotistic and arrogant governments on different issues–whether the nuclear issue or other issues–because of the economic discussions that have broken out in the country and the efforts that different officials are making, in different ways, for the sake of achieving Islamic goals and ensuring the interests of the people and finally because of the issue of Islamophobia which is one of the common phenomena in the arrogant and western world, I deemed it necessary to discuss this matter with you: what we understand from all Quranic teachings is that Islam commands Muslims to create a perfect and complete Islamic government. Islam wants the complete implementation of Islam.”

The Supreme Leader said that “global bullies and arrogant individuals” are the “main opponents” of this.

Ali Shirazi, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s representative on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force, recently said that they are in a global war that will one day bring “the banner of Islam over the White House,” The Washington Times reported.

One question – why are we negotiating with this maniac?

Speech at Khamenei and also discussed at CNS