WH Top Advisors Met With A Member of An Egyptian Terrorist Group Behind 1993 WTC Attack

Hani Nour Eldin

WH top advisors met with Hani Nour Eldin, a member of Gamaa Islamiya, a terrorist group. He should not have even been given a Visa. Was this a snafu or is the WH blind to Islamic terrorism?

Gamaa Islamiya was responsible for the killing of hundreds of Egyptian policemen and soldiers, civilians, and dozens of tourists in a violent campaign in the 1990s. It is believed they were involved in the assassination of Amwar Sadat. The Blind Sheik was their spiritual leader. They were behind the 1993 WTC attack.

In 2003 they renounced violence and have been allowed to operate, sometimes with questionable legal activities.

Hani Nour Eldin was born in 1968 and resides in Suez. He was arrested in 1993 on terrorism charges after members of Gamaa Islamiya got into a shoot out with Egyptian security officials at a mosque. He claims innocence in the shooting and says he was arrested because of his political activism against Mubarak.

In an interview, Eldin confirmed he is a member of Gamaa Islamiya. The State Department said they have no knowledge of anyone in the delegation being members of the group.

Eldin asked that the Blind Sheik be removed to an Egyptian jail and he was denied.

Washington Post…Eli Lake reports on the latest “politico fiasco” at the White House. Forget, for the moment, made-up executive privilege defenses and the serial leaking of intelligence secrets. How about inviting a member of an honest-to-evil terrorist group to the White House? Yup:

Included in [a visiting] delegation of Egyptian lawmakers was Hani Nour Eldin, who, in addition to being a newly elected member of parliament, is a member of the Gamaa Islamiya, or the Egyptian Islamic Group—a U.S.-designated terrorist organization. The group was banned under former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, and is now a recognized Islamist political party. Its spiritual leader, Omar Abdel Rahman—also known as the “blind sheik”—was convicted in 1995 of plotting attacks on New York City landmarks and transportation centers, and is serving a life sentence in a North Carolina federal prison.


This seems to be a monumental screw-up. Certainly, Eldin’s membership in Gamaa Islamiya (a designated terrorist group) should have raised a red flag and banned him from entering the United States, let alone snagging a meeting with high-level advisers…