What Communists Are Saying About Bill De Blasio, New York City Mayor



Cartoon photo of Fidel De Blasio

I received a newsletter from one of the Communist organizations I follow and in one of their stories, they waxed poetic about the new far-left mayor of New York City.

The organization, the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung organization, is self-described as an ‘internationally operating, progressive non-profit institution for civic education affiliated with Germany’s “Die Linke” (Left Party)’. It is named after Rosa Luxemburg, a noted European Socialist leader. They’ve come a long way left since Rosa.

One of their articles caught my attention because it was about our new New York City mayor, Bill De Blasio.

It was alarming because it does speak to the extreme nature of our new mayor and what the Progressive aka Communist movement has in store for us.

The overwhelming vote in his favor is taken as a mandate:

On November 5 in New York City, Bill de Blasio captured a stunning 73.3% of the mayoral vote with one of the most progressive platforms of a major party candidate in recent U.S. political history. De Blasio’s victory was at once a powerful repudiation of outgoing Mayor Bloomberg’s neoliberal administration and a broad public call to push city policy to the left.

They want to go after the rich, they are anti-Capitalism:

While the 1%, led by the FIRE sector (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate), is busy raking in record profits and remaking Manhattan into the world’s greatest playground for the rich, millions of New Yorkers are being pushed to the city’s edges, ever further into marginalization and poverty.

De Blasio is an Occupier:

De Blasio captured this state of affairs, as well as the public mood, in his “Tale of Two Cities” stump speeches, which adroitly built on language reintroduced to public discourse by Occupy Wall Street. His proposed solutions include taxing the rich to provide universal pre-kindergarten, creating 200,000 new or preserved affordable housing units, and putting an end to policing practices such as stop-and-frisk that target people of color and the poor.

They’re bigoted against white males:

…there is one demographic that de Blasio did not win: the white male vote. Among the city’s established powers, not surprisingly dominated by old white men disinclined to relinquish one iota of their privilege.

They are going to make sure he stays far-left:

And it is the responsibility of community organizations and social movements on the left to keep him honest.

They see the far, far-left challenging normal Democrats:

In the hotly debated recent article “The Rise of the New New Left,” Peter Beinart depicts de Blasio as a poster child for this movement, riding a tide of economic pain, political disillusionment, and changing demographics to challenge the Democratic establishment.

They take comfort in this:

…nor should we dismiss his past involvement and real sympathies with leftist and social movement causes.

De Blasio was a Sandanista supporter and spent his honeymoon in communist Cuba to give you an idea of what they are talking about.

Finally, they are confidant the ‘filthy rich people who are afraid that he might’ actually put his Communist aka Progressive agenda through will pay the price for being ‘filthy rich.’

It’s good we don’t have any guillotines available for their use.