What Hillary Has In Common With Richard Nixon



Bloomberg political analyst Mark Halperin says Hillary will be our next president and Republicans are in denial about it. He says Conservatives have a “virulent strain of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.”

Denial? Or would we just like to wait for the election Mark?

Famed journalist Bob Woodward was asked by Hugh Hewitt on Friday if Hillary Clinton is like Nixon and did they have similar personality traits. He responded by saying, “Oh, boy, happily he’s not a psychiatrist.” He said that is the challenge for the “political system” and the “journalistic world” to answer that question.

Woodward recalled the fascinating interview Charlie Rose did with Putin last month. Rose asked Putin about his being in the KGB and that once in the KGB, you’re always in the KGB.

Without a sign of discomfort, Putin calmly said, “Not a stage of our life passes without a trace.”

That’s true of Nixon, Hillary, Trump, Woodward continue.

Comparing Hillary to Nixon, he said, “…there’s a secretiveness…My former colleague, Carl Bernstein, who wrote a long, very well-researched book on Hillary Clinton, makes the case that she and the truth don’t go together that often.”

Hillary is a liar. We just had seven years of a liar, do we really want another?

Both Bernstein and Woodward are liberals.

Woodward continued, “And there are examples of that. But she has a strength. I think that was demonstrated yesterday in her testimony, and so somebody, you know, somebody’s got to come at this dispassionately as a reporter, as okay, who is this woman? What’s, you know, every stage of her life, what traces did it leave? And it, you know, can be done. And I think it will be done.”

Hopefully they’ll do it – honestly – before the election.


Hillary is the sum of her past experiences and that includes her scandals, abuse of Bill’s women, her sketchy morals, and her endless lies. She lied right to the Benghazi victims’ families and blamed the attack on a video, told them the videographer would be arrested and he was.

Her crooked dealings while in the State Department. She granted favors to entities who at the same time donated to the Clinton Foundation or provided Bill with exorbitant fees for speeches.

Hillary herself charged colleges a quarter million dollars for some speeches.

As a young lawyer, she joked about destroying the character of a 14-year old girl she believed was raped by her adult client.

If she is the sum of the stages of her life, Hillary is without a moral core.

The sad thing is that it is an upward climb for Republicans because the election is decided by only a small number of red states. If Republicans don’t win this time, it’s unlikely they ever will.