When will Ferguson cops riot, burn down buildings and loot? Update on the latest lies!


Update: 09/29/14: Listen to this. We were told that the shooting had nothing to do with the Ferguson riots. As it turns out, the man who shot the officer was right off the protest line.

It’s like living in Mother Russia. The powers-that-be won’t tell us the truth.


Original Story: 09/28/14: A white Ferguson police officer was shot on Saturday night by a suspect he attempted to question. The suspect fled and shot the officer while he was in pursuit.

Shouldn’t the police now go out and loot, riot and burn down buildings? When will President Obama address it at the U.N.? Will the president blame the shootings on community mistrust?

Mr. Obama is encouraging racial division so he can get minority voters out to the voting booths in November. He is using the death of an 18-year old boy to further his political goals. Everything Mr. Obama does is political. He doesn’t care a fig about Michael Brown and he cares even less about the Ferguson police officers whose lives he has put in greater danger because of his actions.

Mr. Obama treats the military the same way and his actions have consequences. He released information about SEAL Team Six being behind the killing of Osama bin Laden and Extortion 17 got shot down killing all aboard though we are told it was only a coincidence.

There were two protests going on in Ferguson at about the same time the officer was shot but the chief said there was probably no connection between shooting and the protests.

Only three of the officers in the Ferguson police department are black. There are reports that there were other black officers but they left for safer jobs.

Maybe the officers should go on strike and see how things go.

Earlier in the day, Brown’s parents told The Associated Press that they were unmoved by a videotaped apology released days earlier by Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, whose attempt to march with protesters Thursday sparked a clash that led to several arrests.

The parents and the Ferguson protesters/rioters want Jackson fired and the officer who shot their son arrested. The grand jury is still considering the case of the officer who shot their son. The officer is also being investigated by the Holder Justice Department without there being a shred of evidence it was a racial bias case. They intervened before the police had an opportunity to investigate.

While the family and others say they seek justice, they are fostering a climate in which criminals can thrive, loot, burn, and shoot at police officers.

The police planned a protest of their own on Friday. They planned to cover up their name plates with black tape and wear bracelets supporting officer Darren Wilson. The protesters objected.

The governor expressed some sympathy for the officer and said it was a “challenge.” Mr. Obama has yet to be heard from.

This must be what the Progressives mean by progress.

For those who’d like to call me a racist for stating the obvious truth, I’d feel the same way if the officers were black and the Ferguson rioters were white. Color makes no difference. Truth and justice do. The Ferguson protesters/rioters are demanding justice while acting the part of vigilantes. How ironic.

There is no justice without respect for authority and the rule of law.

Source: abc News