White House Campaigning for Race Riots


If you ever doubted the White House involvement in the Trayvon Martin case, doubt no more.

Michelle Obama, after offering her sympathies to Trayvon Martin’s family, said this-

…”Talking is good. Conversations have to be forever. You know, they can’t come in spits and starts when there’s an incident. I think we all need, as a country, to continue to talk about these issues, to understand our communities and the challenges that we face, which are different and unique depending upon where you live,” Obama said.

“It’s all about, you know, continuing to get to know ourselves in a very diverse and complicated country that is America. It is a wonderful place to live. But because it is so diverse, our challenges are complex. So there isn’t, you know, a one-shot solution to this. It is complicated. It takes time. It takes openness. It takes compassion. It takes patience. And it takes a lot of work. So we should all be ready to roll up our sleeves and keep doing that work,” Obama said. Politico

Why are they still making this case about race? The shooter defined himself as Hispanic on his voter registration.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that a little-known government agency of peacemakers was assisting the protesters in support of Trayvon Martin. They taught them how to manage crowds and even arranged police escorts for college students. The agency is called the Community Relations Service and they are still in Orlando in case they are needed.

This from the Sentinel –

…”They work behind the scenes and in the trenches to make contact with the various organizations that are represented,” Sanford’s Community Development coordinator Andrew Thomas said. “They make the connections others in the community can’t.”

They helped set up a meeting between the local NAACP and elected officials that led to the temporary resignation of police Chief Bill Lee, said Turner Clayton, Seminole County chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People…

Our “secret” government agency was helping them organize.

Obama appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and tied the Martin case into anti-immigration sentiment without mentioning that Zimmerman is Hispanic –

From Breitbart: In his final question to Obama, Acevedo [Host, Enrique Acevedo] asked, “Finally, Mr. President, why is it that half a century after the civil rights movement and after the American people elected their first African-American president do I have to stand today here in front of you and ask you about racial tensions in the U.S.? And of course, I’m referring to the Trayvon Martin case.”

It is worth noting that Acevedo–on a Spanish language network–made no mention of the fact that Zimmerman identified himself as a “Hispanic,” which would pierce the meme and narrative Acevedo wanted Obama to advance, which Obama obligingly did.

Obama could have noted that Zimmerman was as Hispanic as he is Black and could have said that since the facts of what happened on the night Martin died are still unknown, Americans shouldn’t hastily use the Trayon Martin tragedy as a symbol of “racial tensions in the U.S.,” as Acevedo suggested.

Of course, Obama did not respond this way for politicizing the Martin tragedy works to his political advantage and drives home the misconceived notion that America is a nation of systemic inequalities that needs to be fundamentally transformed.

Here is how Obama responded.

“Well, I think we all understand that issues of race are deeply embedded in the history of this country,” Obama said. “Sometimes that history has been tragic, slavery, Jim Crow, but also more recent examples of anti-immigrant sentiment, and you know, I think what I always tell people is that…my election alone is not going to completely transform attitudes because this has to do with hearts and not just minds. It has to do with attitudes, not just laws.”

Obama then noted that “things have changed profoundly” since he was born, but with “each successive generation there are going to be misunderstandings; there are going to be tensions; there’s going to be tragedy sometimes, and what’s important for us to do is to look at it honestly, look at it squarely, but then move forward.”

There are still no arrests of the New Black Panthers for putting a bounty on George Zimmerman. However, the Secret Service is investigating Ted Nugent, the rocker who went on an anti-Obama tirade according to CBS News.

The press is trying to get all the records in the Martin case so they can try it in the press. The press is planning to keep this case alive and the jurors will be exposed, possibly tainting their judgment. No one will be concerned about Zimmerman getting a fair trial.

President Obama and his wife appear to be conspiring to divide us along racial lines. It’s all very Alinsky.