Why Hillary Had More Faithless Electors Than Any Candidate in 100 Years


Polls show that most Americans don’t believe Russia hacked the election or influenced the election. Our theory on why she lost is the fact that Americans believe Putin over Hillary and her people. It’s also the fact that Trump always campaigned for the electoral vote.

She also had to deal with the crashing and burning of Obamacare and the disastrous policies in the Middle East after supporting both.

From the beginning, Donald Trump and his campaign advisors decided that they would not campaign to win the popular vote, they would go for the Electoral College, concentrating on the states that could give him the path to the presidency. Trump had a message of jobs, tax cuts, and better trade deals that resonated.

Hillary was not a good candidate for a whole host of reasons. One reason was her ability to destroy her lead when she campaigned, which was infrequently. She lost her 12 to 20 point leads in Iowa, Nevada and Florida in a week.

At the same time, Trump reached out to the white working class with his views on trade among other issues such as coal production and he won them over in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. Hillary failed to campaign in Michigan and Wisconsin and when she did campaign, it was to attend small fundraising events.

The irony is that she lost more electors than Trump after a massive push by the hard-left to turn electors against Trump. She lost one in Hawaii to Bernie, an elector each in Colorado, Minnesota and Maine who voted for Kasich and two for Bernie respectively though the last three were overturned. Hillary also lost four in Washington, three to Colin Powell and one to Native-American activist Faith Spotted Eagle.

Trump lost two Texas electors and ended up with 304 electors while Hillary ended up with 227 though it would have been 224 if three electors were allowed to have their way.

After all the riots, demonstrations, threats to force the electors to switch to Hillary, she lost more than Trump which should tell the radicalized Democrat Party to shift gears and calm down but that doesn’t seem to be the case as they go through the various stages of grief.

Hillary became the first presidential candidate to have the most faithless electors in 100 years.