Why News About Republicans and Angry Red Diaper Baby Bernie Is Very Bad


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Democrats are reluctant to admit they would support the Socialist/Communist candidate Bernie Sanders but that doesn’t mean they won’t.

Barack Obama is promising freebies to college students again. He just announced a $2 billion dollar wish list for college students and that gives a boost to Bernie Sanders, not necessarily Hillary. Bernie Sanders is doing the same thing – promising free college to the youth. This does make them both very popular with the young but it’s hard to beat Bernie when it comes to free everything.

As Hillary Clinton moves closer to an implosion, it is Bernie Sanders who Obama will probably support. They’re both Marxists.

Despite being an aged Communist, Bernie Sanders has a real shot at the presidency and this is why.

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Republicans are systematically disliked.

Among 800 participants, these are the results for the key voters:

  • African Americans: 57% less favorable, 5% more favorable (-52)
  • Latinos: 45% less favorable, 13% more favorable (-32)
  • Suburban voters: 43% less favorable, 19% more favorable (-23)
  • Independents: 32% less favorable, 12% more favorable (-21)
  • Whites: 40% less favorable, 22% more favorable (-18)

The Republican Party was viewed less favorably by 42% of those polled, while 19% viewed it more favorably.

Among Republican primary voters who will actually vote, respondents found the GOP to be more favored by 33%, and less favored by 23%.

That doesn’t mean Republicans and Independents won’t vote for them as the lesser of two evils but they might stay home.

The Real Clear Politics polling average puts Trump a couple points behind Clinton, 42.8% to 45.3%, respectively but his unfavorables remain very high.

The polling average of a general election battle between Trump and Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is wider in the Democrat candidate’s favor at 41.5% to 46.8%.

Bernie has been widely touted as the winner of the 4th Democrat debate because his opposition is a proven liar who is in the pocket of big corporations. His promises of trillions in freebies are unbeatable.Who can top them?

Our nation has a large percentage of people who subscribe to the immoral belief that it’s okay to steal from those who earn more.

Bernie is Obama’s dream candidate and Democrats generally only vote Democrat. If Republicans are disliked enough, people who don’t want the Democrat will stay home on election day, not realizing what a Communist president will do to the country.

Of course, he’ll finish us off.


  1. They will pay in the long run . Nothing in life comes free you always have to pay that pied piper. They need to remember that.

  2. Professing to be wise, they become fools. (Rom. 1:22) Today the United States is plagued with fools, who think what they are doing is wise–government leaders who advocate drastic military reductions, disarmament, appeasement, schemes for redistributing wealth(aka Marxist socialism) through confiscatory taxation, class warfare, and burgeoning bureaucracy that smothers personal initiative, and CITIZENS who enthusiastically SUPPORT such policies. ANY NATION SATURATED WITH SUCH INDIVIDUALS IS FINISHED!!!!!

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