Obama Defunded UNESCO and Won’t Face An Impeachable Offense

Since Saturday (October 29) over 60 rockets and mortars have been fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli communities. Rockets, such as the one recovered in the photo, struck Ashdod (population of over 200,000), Ashkelon (population of 113,000), Gan Yavne (population of 19,000) and the Eshkol Regional Council, killing one person and injuring approximately 30, most suffering from shock. Several buildings, including a school, were damaged in the attacks.

UNESCO granted Palestinians full membership. There was no option for the United States at this juncture but to defund UNESCO. The law is clear.

Public Law 101-246, passed by the Democratic-controlled Congress in 1990, states that “no funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act or any other Act shall be available for the United Nations or any specialized agency thereof which accords the Palestine Liberation Organization the same standing as member states.”Public Law 103-236 Title IV, passed in 1994, prohibits “voluntary or assessed contribution to any affiliated organization of the United Nations which grants full membership as a state to any organization or group that does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood.”

The U.S. cannot fund any U.N.-affiliated body that accepts a Palestinian member. There is no waiver for Obama to take. This amounts to $80 million a year, which is 22% of its budget.

Abbas has been grandstanding, without much resistance from the Obama administration, trying to get the nine votes Palestine needs to be accepted as a member to the U.N. Security Council. They are one vote short. If they do not succeed, Abbas will ask the General Assembly to grant it “observer status,” which they can use to cause all kinds of problems for Israel, at least on a PR level. Abbas needs the support of the U.S. and Israel to gain Palestinian statehood, but is that what he really wants?

UNESCO has never been a friend to the U.S. Reagan pulled the U.S. out in 1984 when it’s anti-Americanism and corruption were too blatant to ignore.

Bush rejoined in 2003 after UNESCO agreed to changes in budgeting and personnel procedures. They haven’t changed in the least bit. For example, they still prevent goods such as Hollywood imports and California wine from entering countries like France. Read here: WSJ

Go to the Soros-funded sites, such as Daily Kos, and you will read headlines such as, “IP/US and Israel would rather kill off UNESCO or damage it rather than have PA become a member.”

Damn Straight! We can’t afford it anyway.

According to Daily Komrade, which does not want to see any financial damage to UNESCO, no matter the damage to Israel or us, there are two compromises which could have been wiggled into the mix. One was to let PA become members of various treaties but not a full member yet. It would defer the vote on that, allowing a vote on full membership after the Security Council process is complete. The second would allow the vote, but defer putting it into effect for several months. U.S. law will not allow funding under these circumstances.

Meanwhile, attacks on Southern Israel from Gaza have increased exponentially.  An official statement from Egypt this past Tuesday indicates that Israel will temporarily delay expanding its military ops in the Gaza region to give Egypt time to persuade Palestinian militant factions to halt rocket fire on southern Israel.

The 30,00 to 50,000 surface-to-air missiles lost in the libyan war are allegedly being sold to Gaza on the black market. 

Hamas, Abbas’ political party, is the “Islamic Resistance Movement” and it is the political party that governs the Gaza Strip. The Fatah-Hamas alliance appointed Abbas as President of the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas is looking to form a coalition with Iran.

The vote this message sent wasn’t one of peace, it was a message to destroy Israel.