Worthless Congressional Dems Bully Washington Redskins, Ignore Obama Scandals



Go Redskins!

Congressional Democrats, following up on Reid’s determined efforts to force the Washington Redskins to change their name, are now focusing on pressuring the Redskins by pressuring the NFL. They plan to abuse the power of a congressional hearing to do it and in so doing, diminish their own worth.

Obama’s crises will fall mute in the media as this distraction overtakes the IRS scandal, the Iraq war, Benghazi, Obamacare, constitutional violations, ineptitude in handling the economy, et al.

Josh Earnest, Obama spokesperson, in referencing the lost Lois Lerner hard drives, said it was a “Republican conspiracy”. The administration, which operates like a Mafia enterprise, has been hiding pertinent information that makes the Nixon 18-minute tape gap look irrelevant but somehow it’s the Republicans’ fault. The world’s worst terrorists are descending on Baghdad, we have an invasion on our southern border and Mr. Obama rewrites Obamacare every other day. Democrats have a plan to handle all that however. They plan to distract us with trivialities.

The illicit use of government authority at the patent office didn’t work and they’ve moved on to bigger and better abusive government tactics.

“I think that the NFL gets a lot of special privileges as a result of congressional enactments of the past,” Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) told The Hill. “I think we ought to ask them how they can countenance having one of their teams with a name that is openly racist.”

The battle has been raging for nearly two decades but the Redskins have weathered the storms so far. When the dementia-driven Donald Sterling made racist comments in private and his conversations were illegally obtained and exposed, it brought back the old argument against the name, though it has 90% support among Native-Americans.

Late last month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) spearheaded a letter urging NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to drop support for the Redskins name.

“It upsetting to us because we don’t understand why they can’t just address this issue and move on,” said Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), who signed the missive.

Waxman has  called on Goodell and Redskins owner Dan Snyder be called to testify on the issue at a congressional hearing.

Reid has sworn to force them to change the name. “Justice will be done”, he has said. That would be justice according to the little statist Reid.

In a statement, the NFL has said, “The intent of the team’s name has always been to present a strong, positive and respectful image,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement responding to the Senate letter. “The name is not used by the team or the NFL in any other context, though we respect those that view it differently.”

Redskins is now considered a slur by some. Apparently, if something becomes a slur in the minds of a minority, it will banned by that minority.

St. John’s University was called the Redman and that harmless name was considered a slur also – St. John’s caved and now they have the unexciting name “The Red Storm”. The same goes for many other names. The government wants to determine what names are acceptable. It’s PC gone wild.

Sassy Bitch, FAG, The Hymies, The Coons, The Redskinettes are apparently not slurs because those are the names of teams the patent office approved and Congress seems to have no problem with them.

A government that can single out one group for assault and ignore others – that are even worse – is a government that can single out anyone whenever it decides it wants to do so.