Yay! Hillary Is Going to Tweet ISIS to Death


crazy Hillary

Hillary is going to Tweet ISIS to death!

Hillary is full of ideas to defeat ISIS except ones that will work. She is going to take the same route Obama is taking which will take years and will allow ISIS to travel to far more than the 30 countries they are already in.

She’s going after their “virtual” world which reminds me that’s where she lives, in a virtual world.

“When it comes to blocking terrorist recruitment, we have to identify the hotspots, the specific neighborhoods and villages, the prisons and schools where recruitment happens in clusters, like the neighborhood in Brussels where the Paris attacks were planned. Through partnerships with local law enforcement and civil society, especially with Muslim community leaders, we have to work to tip the balance away from extremism in these hotspots.

Radicalization and recruitment also is happening online. There’s no doubt we have to do a better job contesting online space, including websites and chat rooms where jihadists communicate with followers. We must deny them virtual territory just as we deny them actual territory.

At the State Department, I built up a unit of communication specialists fluent in Urdu, Arabic, Somali and other languages to battle with extremists online. We need more of that, including from the private sector. Social media companies can also do their part by swiftly shutting down terrorist accounts, so they’re not used to plan, provoke or celebrate violence.

Online or off-line, the bottom line is that we are in a contest of ideas against an ideology of hate, and we have to win.”

She should just wait and see how Anonymous is doing in their Twitter War on ISIS. Maybe they’ll do a better job. In fact, I’m sure they will.


  1. So in essence, Mrs. Bill Clinton wants to use profiling, a tactic the left has rallied against for the last ten years.

  2. Key phrase in her speech “especially with Muslim community leaders”– the core of which I believe are deeply involved with the stealth Jihadist teachings. The Islamic community consolidation system works through a network of volunteers and other paid ‘pious’ individuals who act as community or mosque liaison officers, who keep a close eye on the community by policing the new immigrant arrivals.

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