You Might Be Surprised Who Is Saying the ‘Establishment Ruined the Country’



Neil Cavuto asked former Governor Mike Huckabee what he thinks of Mitt Romney inserting himself into this race. Huckabee said, “Maybe he will give out his tax returns again just for old times sake…”

Governor Huckabee said nothing changes, the same donor class that feeds the Democrats feeds the Republicans.  The establishment in both parties have ruined the country, Huckabee said.

He doesn’t know why they aren’t getting the message.

“Well it is true. What is amazing to me is the establishment doesn’t get it, the reason Donald Trump is doing so well is because the establishment has done so poorly for America, Huckabee said.

They ruined this country.

We worked hard to get them elected. I speak as somebody that went to 37 states in 2014 helping them get to the senate majority, thinking maybe they will go and work on fighting ObamaCare and stupid things like the Iranian deal, that they will go in there and stand up against Obama’s illegal immigration, unconstitutional actions, and, my Gosh, nothing changes.

And Neil, the reason is because the same donor class that feeds Republicans feeds the Democrats, nothing changes. And, those folks at the carrier plant in Indianapolis, who on video found out their jobs were going to Mexico, nobody is working for them. And so whether or not they want to believe it, they are the problem.

The reason Donald Trump is getting a lot of votes because those folks standing on feet on the concrete floor, they believe he will fight for them more than the establishment will. I don’t know why they don’t get that message.”


Want to hear the Robocall for Rubio? I think this will sink his campaign. Rubio wants the money that comes with the establishment – a very bad sign.

Mitt Romney is recording Robocalls and John Kasich wants you to believe he’s doing it for everyone. He’s doing it for Rubio and possibly Kasich.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the one for Trump or Cruz.

This is the last gasp of a dying establishment and the biggest RINOs are sending out the message. That includes Kasich who suddenly thinks he’s not establishment. He reeks establishment. It comes out of his every pore and when it’s not doing that, it’s forming an aura around him.