2016 Presidential Matchup: Winners Lose, Losers Are Winners, Voters Want the Loser


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The latest Fox News head-to-head matchup polls have results that are hard to believe. Perhaps it’s possible, but you tell me.

In the first poll, the GOP candidate who is winning – Donald Trump – can’t beat Clinton but Cruz does and Kasich clobbers her.

In the next poll, Sanders roundly defeats Trump, beats Cruz and ties with Kasich.

The Democrats want Hillary though she loses to two GOP candidates. Sanders draws the largest crowds but can’t win, not because he’s an inch away from being a communist, but because he doesn’t have the Super Delegates who Hillary already lined up. Each Super Delegate, which could be a governor, party leader, congressmen, is worth 60,000 Democrat voters – that’s hard to beat.

It’s hard to believe Kasich could win anything because, outside of his home state, he doesn’t, but when people were asked who they most feared, only 8% feared Kasich but 49% feared Trump, 33% were scared of Hillary, 29% Sanders, and 21% Cruz. People know little of Kasich which is a plus all-around.

The voters polled are not as scared of the angry old red diaper baby as they are of Trump and the woman under FBI investigation.

Does it boil down to voting for the least frightening person? It gets more confusing.

Most GOP candidates can beat Clinton, but not the one who is leading the field. Clinton is beating Sanders and will be the candidate but she can’t beat two of the GOP candidates. Sanders who is losing can beat the GOP candidates.

The Democrats want Hillary though Sanders is most likely to beat all of the GOP candidates. Apparently if Americans today have to choose between a socialist who will steal everyone’s money and a Republican who will follow the Constitution, the thief wins. Freebies! Yay!

The GOP candidate who is winning cannot beat any Democrat but Republicans would support him enthusiastically. Very few Republicans would be enthusiastic about voting for Kasich who allegedly can beat the Democrats.

Kasich might be explained by the fact he’s more Democrat than Republican.

In other polls, Kasich is most trustworthy, Cruz comes next and Trump last but Republican voters polled are most enthusiastic about Trump (40% CNN/ORC) and then Cruz (28% CNN/ORC), Kasich 19% (CNN/ORC).

In exit polls, roughly one-third of Republican voters say they will stay home if Trump is the candidate according to polls but people also say the person with the most delegates, not the number needed to win necessarily (1237), must be the delegate – that would be Trump, the man half won’t vote for. The RNC says plurality doesn’t win the election, like it or not.

They don’t want the system followed whereby votes are repeatedly taken at a convention until someone wins, even though half of them won’t vote for that person who will likely be Donald Trump.

Are they polling Watters’ World people?

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