450 Jihadis Loose in Britain And An Unknown Number in the US


Charles Farr
Charles Farr

A top counterterrorism expert in Britain has warned that up to 450 battle-hardened jihadis are loose on the streets of Britain after fighting in Syria, reminding the public that IS [ISIS] is encouraging homegrown terrorism.

Charles Farr, director of the Office for Security and CounterTerrorism, in a speech last week, said that about 750 British citizens “of interest to the security and intelligence services” had travelled to Syria of whom “about 60 per cent had returned”.

Mr Farr also said IS had recently adopted a new tactic, urging supporters either to go and join them or stay in the UK and “undertake attacks if you couldn’t go”.

And those who are travelling are getting “much younger” than before.

He described this as a “specific, singular and new phenomenon” and was a form of “ideological grooming”.

It’s not only Britain. This is going on in the United States and we in fact don’t know how many have returned because our government is not transparent.

Former congressman from Long Island’s CD-1 Tim Bishop told a concerned gathering of entrepreneurs in 2014 that of 100 US citizens who fought in the Middle East with radical groups, 40 had returned. We broke the video on the Sentinel but Bishop refused to discuss it when Newsday asked for a comment. It disappeared from the news.

Bishop makes the comment at about 01:19:

The Daily Beast’s Greg Sargent said at the time that he believes the number is more like a dozen who were already back in the US. That was by 2014. Whether it’s a dozen or forty or more, why are they here?

In September, 2014, at a House Homeland Security Committee. Chairman Michael McCaul expressed concerns about Americans fighting for ISIS returning to the United States undetected.

Intelligence agencies, lawmakers and everyday citizens sounded the alarm for months about hundreds of Americans fighting for ISIS who still hold valid U.S. or western passports.

Kerry told the congressional panel last year “that anybody who has a passport [and joins with ISIS] who returns, returns in handcuffs – not through customs with their passport.”

You can take that to the bank!

A veil of silence has been drawn. No one but Ted Cruz is talking about it any longer. He has a bill in the Senate to strip these people of their US passports but it has been blocked.

France has a bigger problem with about 2,000 French citizens fighting with terrorist groups.

To add to all that, are the refugees.


Source: Express UK

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