66% of GOP Voters Want Trump or Cruz or Carson


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A new Fox poll has 66% of the GOP voters supporting non-Establishment candidates. If you count Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul, it’s 72%. The poll was conducted over the phone, both landline and cell, of over 1,000 random registered voters nationwide from December 16-17 with a sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters and five points for both Democratic and Republican primary voters.

Despite this, the GOP and the Democrats passed the omnibus. They are in denial and live in the cone of the Beltway.

The new poll numbers were announced on Special Report by Bret Baier Friday evening. Trump is up at 39%, Cruz seems to have gotten fallen-off Carson supporters and now stands at 18%. Trump also benefitted from Carson’s fall. Rubio is struggling at 11%. Last month, Trump was at 29% in the Fox poll.

Carson dropped from 18% to 9% and was at a high of 23%. Rubio is down 3% from 14% last month.

These numbers came immediately after Trump said he would stop non-US Muslims from coming in the country.

Trump poll

Trump’s numbers go even higher when voters are asked which candidate would be most effective against ISIS. Trump soars to 49% and Rubio goes down to 7%. Carson disappears.

Poll fighting ISIS

Nationally, when matched against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Rubio has a two-point edge (45 percent vs. 43 percent), and Cruz and Clinton tie (45 percent). Carson is down by two.

Clinton now overtakes Trump: 49 percent vs. 38 percent. Her 11-point advantage is outside the poll’s three-point error margin. A month ago, Trump was up by 5 points (November 16-19).

No matter what Donald Trump does and no matter what he says, his numbers go up.

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