7 Quick Lessons from Socialists at the Trump Rally

Trump protesters burn the American flag.
Anti-Trump protesters burn the American flag.

Donald Trump has become the flashpoint for the open-borders-communist movement to overturn capitalism and traditional America and these are the revolutionaries. Making America great again is not part of the plan

We picked up 7 quick lessons from the anti-Trump rallies and here they are.

immigrants and refugees
PSLWEB.ORG is the Party for Socialism and Liberation

1.They want Communism, though they like to use the slightly more euphemistic term – Socialism. The Party for Socialism and Liberation was at the rally along with representatives from Black Lives Matter, other communist groups, People 4 Bernie, and open borders organizations. They were all of the far-left and only several hundred created all the mayhem.


2. A Mexican protester at the California rally says it’s her land and she doesn’t need Trump saying he’s going to build a wall on her land.


3. The leftists are causing the chaos and violence, they are acting like savages, and then trying to put the blame on Trump for jokes he’s made, for loose comments. They’re threatening all-out war, not because of Trump, but because they want to continue America’s slow slide into Socialism. This is what the Socialists’ America will look like, not Trump’s America. They would go after any Republican in his position.

They only want a leftist America.


4.Illegal immigrants want to go to college here – for free or on grants.


5.Everyone belongs here in america, everyone, just everyone. Keep those borders open!

LaRaza, an open borders and anti-American group, wants it.


6.It’s about love but they want whites to be subjugated.


7.Sending white powder to Trump is somehow his fault, their violence is somehow his fault.


We can either make America great again with a Republican or…

Trump rally5

we can make America Socialist and put America haters in charge…


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