A Matter of Privilege


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Over the past few months we have heard a great deal about “White Privilege”, a catch-all phrase that suggests all or most of the racial problems in this country are because of the white middle class.

All whites are guilty of this illusory demagoguery.

Though it is an elusive privilege, all whites have it no matter their background, where they came from, or even their income. If you are white, you are to blame, period.

What is not mentioned is that the “White Privilege” meme was actually promoted by the Weather Underground led by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorn.

It has been resurrected now to prove the country is inherently racist.

The “White Privilege” scenario includes so-called “Institutional Racism” which leads to income and outcome inequality.

The concept revolves around an illusion being created by the media, this admistration and civil rights groups that all whites are inculcated with a racism that they do not see for themselves. The corollary is also true, blacks cannot be racist and therefore cannot commit racial “hate crimes.”

Many stories of black-on-white crime never make it in the media because it does not support the media’s criteria for advancing the concept of “White Privilege”.

Perhaps it is time to talk of “Black Privilege” and what Obama, this administration, and the bleeding heart socialists have done for the black population and what they have a tendency to ignore.

They ignore such things as the figures from the National Crime Victimization Survey that show whites are 25 times more likely to be attacked by a black then a black being attacked by a white. Facts like that are never covered by the media or the civil rights activists who are here to create one-sided propaganda of the discussion of race to further the socialistic redistribution of wealth. It is all based on white guilt and black victimhood.

But what of “Black Skin Privilege”. In 2013 John Perrazo and David Horowitz wrote an article titled, “Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream”. It explains the ideas behind the movement, and why it was set in motion once again.

It begins with Obama and his resentment towards any white who is successful. Mr. Obama’s premise is that everything you have obtained and the lifestyle you enjoy was on the backs of others. Remember “You didn’t build that?”.

Our President feels that what abilities you have to move forward in your life have been unfairly acquired.

There is no understanding on this administration’s part that abilities are not a zero-sum game, that opportunity is open to anyone.

The American dream for most includes a house in the suburabs with good neighbors and friendly places to shop and visit.

Obama’s dream of everyone under government control, living in cities such as Chicago or Baltimore, is what our government must strive for.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, now one of Obama’s socialistic agencies, is at the present time collecting a database of where we live, how much we earn, and even the size of our houses so he can force “outcome disparity” on neighborhoods.

This will result in the government telling localities what the zoning laws will be, who must live in the low income housing the federal government will force them to build, and it will give the federal government control over all aspects of your neighborhood and privacy.

Couple this with the tax revenue from the suburbs that the federal government can then control.

It will always be the same, those who succeed, and get ahead, can never do enough for those who demand handouts. Moving the benefit-seekers into the suburbs will dilute the voting blocs in place there and turn them Democratic.

Another part of the process is “regional tax base sharing”. Once the movement of forced urban minorities to the suburbs is complete, the closest cities will then annex them and redistribute the taxes from these suburbs into the inner cities.

So those who worked hard to build a life in the suburbs, a life some spend a lifetime to acquire, will be forced to allow the neighborhoods to be turned into a vast expanse of low income housing and crime in the name of social justice.

Using his massive databases, the population of the country will be turned into socially engineered communities with no regard for the individual. Private property will still be yours but only if you meet the demographics that this administration wants you to meet. It will impress upon the population that your only duty is to be quiet, and follow orders.

This will all be done in the name of social and racial justice and will be implemented over the cries of discrimination by all those who will have ability to fight back. The personal rights and liberties that are enumerated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be tossed aside by this administration and judiciary in order to better plan the socialist agenda of collectivism for the common good.


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John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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