About Now, We Are So Lucky the Senate Immigration Bill Didn’t Pass


The Senate Immigration bill that was passed in the senate and pushed by the Gang of Eight included four so-called Republicans – John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio.  It had a section dedicated to “stateless persons.”

In light of how Obama feels about taking in “stateless” refugees, we should be grateful the bill wasn’t passed. It would have allowed limitless immigration and a certain path to citizenship. Apparently, Obama plans to do it anyway but the bill would have sped it up.

A ‘stateless person’ is anyone who is not considered a national under the operation of the laws of any country.

Whoever wasn’t included, could have been included by dictum:

‘‘(2) DESIGNATION OF SPECIFIC STATELESS GROUPS.—The Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of State, may, in the discretion of the Secretary, designate specific groups of individuals who are considered stateless persons, for purposes of this section

The DHS Secretary or the AG can: …provide conditional lawful status to an alien who is otherwise inadmissible or deportable from the United States…

Great, huh?

Just so you know how bad this bill was, the Secretary or the AG can also waive any requirements they want.

They only have to say it’s for humanitarian reasons or in the public interest.

To qualify, the stateless person has to provide a passport, which is easily forged, or a travel document, which is even easier to forge, and if they don’t have one, they merely have to swear under oath that they haven’t been issued one.

That will really keep the terrorists out!

Their spouse(s) and children get automatic entrée.

After a year, the “stateless” person can apply for legal residency which is the path to citizenship. There are no real restrictions other than the year for residency.

All the power to deny rests with the Executive Branch.  The Executive could create groups of “stateless” refugees out of whole cloth.

Time limits are basically non-existent under this bill.

There were many other “loopholes” in the bill which is why we should never again cooperate with 2,000-page bills for which 10,000 pages of rules need to be written.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) still defends his co-authorship of the 2013 amnesty bill. While agreeing it defies the “majority position” of Republicans, he prefers to proceed with his plan to give green cards to illegal immigrants.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Rubio declared, “Now the majority position in our party is it should stop at just a work permit… I personally am open to allowing people to apply for a green card.”

The problem is the people here illegally have not been vetted and they are coming from some dangerous places and some are terrorists and gang members.

In August, he told New Hampshire voters that by pushing for the immigration bill, he was hoping to “modernize our immigration system.”

What’s “modern” about letting anyone in who doesn’t have a country?

He also explains his support for the bill as wanting to get the “most conservative” bill possible in a Democrat Senate at the time. However, that’s not a good reason. His goal should have been to get the best bill or no bill. There was absolutely nothing conservative about that bill. I read it twice and you would be shocked by how liberal it was. There were a number of people who said Obama was writing it from the White House and if you read it, you might very well believe that.

Rand Paul recently took Rubio to task for ignoring requests from him (and all other Republicans) in adding an amendment to the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill. Paul said his amendment would have added more scrutiny to foreigners who visit, study or immigrate to America.

Paul said that Rubio’s “secret” agreement with New York Senator Chuck Schumer and other Democrats to block all GOP amendments to get the legislation passed is now well known. “That’s going to alarm some conservatives, ” he warned, adding that an amendment to check annually on how secure the border from Republicans was also rejected.

“I was always disappointed that Marco Rubio voted against that, and probably not that many people know that. But we’re in a presidential cycle now, and we want to make sure that every Republican across the country knows that he blocked conservative amendments to the immigration bill, and in particular, my amendment did provide more scrutiny on people who might be coming here to attack us.”

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7 years ago

Coming soon – Trump and Cruz escalating their attacks on Rubio. Rubio is completely vulnerable. Fancy statements won’t explain away his actions.