Administration Removed Visa Requirements for All Military of All Foreign Nations



Prior to April 8th, the State Department required visas and passports from military in most countries around the world, but since April 8th, there are no such requirements.

The Department of State has waived the visa and passport requirements for all members of the Armed Forces and Coast Guards of ALL foreign countries, a rule that has been in effect for decades.

Why is it being changed now?

Bureaucrats in State have decided to waive visa and passport requirements,” specifically the purpose is to remove the current list of countries whose armed forces members are ineligible for such a waiver. When military authorities recommend such a waiver, the Dept. of Homeland Security and the Dept. of State will make the decision.”

The purpose they say is the list is unnecessary and requires regular and resource-intensive review.

They no longer want regular and intensive review.

There is no longer a rule of law or a transparent process in place. It will be strictly done by how the DHS and the DOS feel about it at the time. Any military from ANY country can now enter the U.S. without our normal time-tested procedures in place.

Are we opening doors that should not be opened since high percentages of people who come here on visas jump?

Source: Federal Register Watch



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