Advanced Placement American History Reflects An Unexceptional America


According to a press release from the National Association of Scholars, a group of 55 scholars yesterday released an open letter opposing revisions to the Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) course. The new framework ignores American exceptionalism, the letter says.

The new American history APUSH course emphasized conflicts among social groups and all but ignores “sources of national unity and cohesion.”

This advanced placement course for our brightest high school students can be used to substitute the college-level U.S. history survey course. It’s an important course.

The course ignores American Exceptionalism and paints a far bleaker picture of American culture and history.

The letter calls for a broader, more unbiased look at who we have been as Americans.

This has been brought to the College Board’s attention for the last year but the College Board is led by a very left-wing president who takes cues from left-wing professors. There is less balance than there should be.

By ignoring this nation’s founding principles and promise, the College Board’s U.S. history guidelines will diminish the next generation’s regard for our political traditions and weaken the future generation’s ability to improve on the laws and institutions in our Republic.

Equality and justice as defined by the Founders will be eroded and distorted into something quite different.



  1. Not long ago I asked one of my grandson’s if he was being taught to be a United States Citizen, or a Global Citizen.. He thought about it for about 10 seconds and said Global.

    If You Google “Robert Muller, Grandfather of Common Core” you’ll find it’s been in the works for a long time, you’ll also find out Muller was a United Nation’s Assistant Secretary General who spent 40 years with the organization.

    If you Google “Partnership For 21 Century Skills” and dig through their website, you’ll find was created in 2002 by George Bush’s Department of Education, Bill Gates and several multinationals.. Currently they are supported by a number of Multinational Corporations that stand to profit from a global education curriculum and a global work force… I found them by accident when I followed a link on UNESCOs site to a plan for Global Education Standards.

    The other thing you’ll find (If you check) is that’s address: 1 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20001 is exactly the same address as The Council of Chief State School Officers.

    As most of you know, CCSSO are the people who bi-passed State Legislatures and shoved Common Core through into our schools through the back door.

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