All Of The Abysmal Employment Growth Went To Legal And Illegal Immigrants


The United States is officially a borderless state where immigrants get the jobs and the native-born don’t.

Employment growth is poor for everyone, however. Sixty-nine million working-age people in this country are not working and more than seven million had to take part-time jobs.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) compiled government research and concluded from the findings that all employment growth went to immigrants – legal and illegal – since 2000, with native-born Americans suffering abysmally-low unemployment.

Despite the fact that two-thirds of the growth in the total working-age population were native-born Americans, all of the net gain in the number of working-age people holding a job went to legal and illegal immigrants.

Employment Gains

The United States is the home of the unfree and land of the immigrants. We have open borders and we are no longer a country. Those are facts.

For the last 14 years, the net increase in employment went to immigrants because they have been steadily gaining in jobs relative to population growth. Also, natives suffered greater losses during the recession.

Why the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill and a similar House bill to increase foreign workers in the country are at all necessary remains a mystery.

The CIS report is a compilation of government data and three conclusions were reached by the compilers: The decline in employment for natives shows there is no general labor shortage; the results appear to prove that immigration reduces employment for natives; immigration does not appear to increase job opportunities for natives.

Findings included the following: legal and illegal immigrants holding a job increased 5.7 million while declining 127,000 for natives from 2000 to 2014; in the first quarter of 2000, there were 114.8 million working-age natives holding a job and in 2014 there were 114.7 million; the native-born population grew significantly but the number working fell by 17 million in the same time period; immigrants have made gains across the labor market, including middle-skilled and higher-skilled jobs.

Since the job recovery began in 2010, forty-three percent of employment growth went to immigrants. Natives holding jobs went from 74% in 2000 to 71% in 2007 to 66% today.

Native employment

Here is some more great news:

  • There were a total of 69 million working-age immigrants and natives not working in the first quarter of 2014. There were an additional 7.3 million forced to work part-time despite wanting full-time work.
  • The supply of potential workers is enormous: 8.7 million native college graduates are not working, as are 17 million with some college, and 25.3 million with no more than a high school education

The good thing in all of this is we the native-born will have people to support us when we can’t find jobs. All those immigrants will have to pay for us.

Go to this link to read the entire study.


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