Amb. Bolton: Obama’s Terrorism Ideology Is Marxist Ideology


Ambassador Bolton, in an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s show, On the Record, said Mr. Obama’s view on terrorism is typical Marxist.

on the record

Finally, someone reputable has said it. It’s the elephant in the room or should I say the Marxist in the room.

Greta asked Bolton about Obama not going to the march in Paris.He wasn’t as concerned about the symbolism as the substance.

“It’s gone from really ridiculous to unbelievable…Our policies are wretched, he said. “The substance is wrong. The symbolism is wrong too but the substance is what the problem is…the problem is there’s no [counter-terrorism] strategy.”

“We’re now in a situation…where the Belgiums are carrying out pre-emptive raids against ISIS terrorists. The Belgium police are taking a harder line than the White House,” he said stating a frightening fact.

“That’s what you see when you see Barack Obama releasing these five GITMO detainees earlier. The policy is utterly out of control. The symbolism could be great. So what if Barack Obama went to Paris and then two days later released five anti-American killers? Who cares about it?”

Greta said Obama was utterly tone deaf in releasing five Yemeni terrorists immediately after the Paris attack.

“It doesn’t matter to me if he’s tone deaf,” Bolton said. If he were “terror alert of whatever the opposite of tone deaf is”, he’d just be covering the tracks of a “terrible, ineffective, deadly policy for America.”

Greta brought up an op-ed in The London Times that Obama penned with David Cameron of Britain in which Obama said the way to solve terrorism is jobs. [As if Barack Obama has a clue as to how to create jobs.]

Amb.Bolton: “The terrorist threat does not come from economic deprivation. That is leftist ideology. It’s really Marxist ideology that all of this religion politics is the superstructure of economics and the primitive belief that if it weren’t for poverty, everything would be fine in the world. Some of the worst terrorists are among the best educated, and come from well-off people. Osama bin Laden being example number one.”

Greta asked Amb. Bolton where we stand now.

“We’re in deep trouble. That’s where we stand,: Bolton confirmed. “The president does not have an anti-terrorism policy. He still thinks this is law enforcement not war and we’ve got two more years. So what we’re seeing in Europe now, we’re going to see in this country. That’s what it may take to wake him up.”

The only thing I disagree with Amb. Bolton on is that there is a way to “wake him up”. There isn’t. He’s a committed ideological Marxist and Americans voted for him twice.

Watch the clip, it’s worth the three minutes: