Angry Atheist Sues to Take Down Peace Cross – a WW I Memorial


WW I Cross

Christian-haters now want to eliminate War Memorials that have no religious inscriptions simply for being in the shape of a cross. The Atheists at The American Humanist Association are suing to have the Peace Cross removed from a regional park in Bladensburg, Md. though it has no religious inscriptions of any kind.

Rewriting our history is worthy of a Bolshevik empire but that is what a wormy-tongued Humanist named Roy Speckhardt hopes to do.

They claim that the “massive Christian cross” is an unconstitutional endorsement of a religion by government. The structure is a war memorial, not a religious monument and it is historical.

The monument has stood for 90 years and on it are the names of the 49 men from Prince George’s County who lost their lives in The Great War.

Roy Speckhardt of the Humanist Association said his daughters wanted to know why it was there since they are not Christians and, in his mind, it sends a signal that some Americans are not equal. He obviously raised them to be just like himself and that’s a bad thing.

The park commission said there is no religious language on the cross “whatsoever.”

Merchants think it’s a handy landmark.

The Park Commission has 60 days to respond.

These angry Atheists go around the country suing to get rid of any sign of Christianity, whether it’s historical or not. The towns and counties they sue often can’t afford the suits and have to acquiesce. These Atheists are very vicious, hate-filled people.

Last November, Speckhardt destroyed a charitable program for children because a church group was involved and might have put a prayer in the gift shoeboxes. Listen to Megyn Kelly blow him out of the water:

Report over Peace Cross:



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