AP Exposes Hillary’s $48 Million Dollar Speech Scandal


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An Associated Press review exposed even more Hillary corruption, this time with her seeming pay to play scheming.

Most companies and groups that paid Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton between 2013 and 2015 have lobbied federal agencies and one-third are government contractors, the AP review confirmed. To repeat, A THIRD WENT TO GOVERNMENT INTERESTS.

Almost every one of the 82 Corporations, trade associations and other organizations that paid for or sponsored Clinton speeches were looking for government influence — lobbying, bidding for contracts, commenting on federal policy and in some cases contacting State Department officials or Clinton herself during her tenure as secretary of state.

The Clintons took in $48 million from these speeches while she was secretary of state and every dime went into their personal accounts.

Sen. Bernie Sanders said in a speech in New York that Clinton earned an average of about $225,000 for each speech and goaded her for declining to release transcripts. He is on to her.

“If somebody gets paid $225,000 for a speech, it must be an unbelievably extraordinary speech,” Sanders said at an outdoor rally at Washington Square Park last week in advance of the New York primary. “I kind of think if that $225,000 speech was so extraordinary, she should release the transcripts and share it with all of us.”

She said she will release the transcripts when others do the same, however, the others didn’t make $225,000 a speech.

A few of the crony socialist/corporatist connections:

  • Wall Street financial houses such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., corporate giants like General Electric Co. and Verizon Communications Inc., and lesser-known entities such as the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and the Global Business Travel Association all benefitted and she was paid for speeches to all these organizations.
  • Lobbying groups that push aggressively for industry interests benefitted greatly. Trade groups paid Clinton more than $7.1 million, the review showed. She gave speeches to them.
  • The National Association of Realtors spent $38.5 million on government contacts in 2013, the same year it paid Clinton $225,000 to appear at the group’s gathering in San Francisco.
  • The Biotechnology Industry Organization, which represents biotech and pharmaceutical firms, spent between $7 million and $8.5 million annually on lobbying since 2008, including contacts with the State Department — during Clinton’s tenure — on the agency’s biotech discussions with foreign governments. The trade group, which hosted Clinton for $335,000 at its event in San Diego in June 2014, has won more than $425,000 in federal payments since 2008 in work for the National Science Foundation and other agencies.
  • The financial services and investment industry accounted for about $4.1 million of Clinton’s earnings.
  • Nearly three dozen of Clinton’s benefactors spent more than $1 million annually on contacts with officials and Congress during the same year they paid her to appear at their corporate or association events, according to federal lobbying records. Many earned millions more in government contracts .
  • General Electric, which paid her $225,000 for a speech in Boca Raton, Florida, in January 2014, has the most extensive government portfolio. GE has spent between $15.1 million and $39.2 million annually on lobbying. The company has won nearly $50 million in government work since 2008, including $1.7 million from the State Department for lab equipment and data processing during Clinton’s tenure.

Then there is her email scandal.

Judge Napolitano told Bill O’Reilly on Thursday that there is “overwhelming evidence to indict and convict Hillary.” Anyone who has followed the case knows that is true but many believe it’s also 100% certain it won’t happen.

“The evidence of her guilt is overwhelming,” Judge Napolitano stated. “And the FBI knows a lot more about it than I do.” He said he is “100-percent certain” that the FBI has enough evidence…”

Judge Nap thinks the FBI Director Jim Comey is a “straight shooter” but one has to wonder why Lois Lerner or anyone else in the IRS weren’t charged if that were true.

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