Apartheid Against Israel Under the Banner of Humanitarianism


The UN elite and the Gaza flotilla are converging under the guise of peace for Palestine and humanitarian aid for Gaza. It’s all about social justice, the neo-communist mantra. Alarmingly, the United States may not be there for Israel, a move which will most certainly be our damnation. As people here and abroad scream that Israel is an apartheid nation, it is Israel against whom they seek to inflict apartheid.

Israel is not without fault and they have made mistakes. One can debate the legitimacy of Israel’s origins ad infinitum, as one can do with any country, including the United States. But now, here, in this place and time, Israel is the only country standing up for individual freedom in the midst of a brutal Medieval continent ruled by dictators and fanatics. We do have the Arab Spring but it is doubtful that we will see any Jeffersonian democracies rising up as a result – I hope I am proven wrong.

We have a worldwide campaign against Israel which claims Israel is an apartheid nation, a catchy term meant to be as incendiary as it sounds. It is a sound bite lie which is promulgated everywhere, even, shamefully, in the United States. Facts do not matter with sound bite lies – they are merely the flames of propaganda.

After the broken peace talks of 2000 (broken by Palestinians), Jimmy Carter, notable race baiter and anti-semite, wrote the book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, which helped get the ball rolling. It didn’t help that misguided leader, Desmond Tutu of South Africa gave his blessing to the term.

As a point of fact, Israel does not deny rights and citizenship because of religion or race as the whites did in South Africa. The 20% Arab population in Israel enjoys full citizenship and all the rights thereof. Israel supports freedom of religion, gay rights, and all the same freedoms we enjoy in the United States. If anything, the apartheid is against Israel. This culture of hate being bred throughout the world, and nurtured in this country, will one day bring another Holocaust upon us. We can support peace and Palestine without demanding Israel move back to indefensible borders which amount to nothing less than the dissolution of Israel.

If the Middle East wanted peace, each bordering country could easily give up some land to the Palestinians, but peace is not their goal. The complete destruction of Israel and the Western way of life is the ultimate goal. In the immediate, it is a turf war, one in which a Fascist society wants to dominate according to their own religious beliefs.

Alarmingly, many churches have bought into the anti-Israel name calling to whip up angry sentiments and force the idea of “social justice.” Social justice should not be confused with justice for the masses. It is clearly being defined as communitarianism, which subjugates the individual to mob rule, while it consistently promotes the philosophy of the ends justifies the means.

From the Globe and Mail online, Margaret Wente states: “…The United Church (Canada) is just one of many institutions obsessed with tiny Israel. There’s also the Presbyterian Church in the U.S., the Church of England, Britain’s National Union of Journalists, Ireland’s largest public-sector union, various British academic groups, and our own beloved CUPE, all of which have passed anti-Israel resolutions. Israel Apartheid Week is a tiresome staple of campus life. In Paris, activists invaded the retail chain Sephora to protest against the sale of Israeli face cream. In Wales, they rampaged through supermarkets and sprinkled Israeli melons with fake blood. In Montreal, gay and lesbian activists promise that this weekend’s Pride Parade will include a protest against Israel’s “racist apartheid” policies. (Israel is the only country in the Middle East that believes in civil rights for homosexuals, an irony that seems to have eluded them.)…” Read here: Apartheid and Israel

At the same time, the UN is calling for recognition of Palestine with all the territories Palestine claims. This will bring Palestine behind Israeli lines. These lines cannot be defended by Israel. Acceptance of this by the UN will make Israel the victim of apartheid as the UN and its member countries impose draconian sanctions on them. It will be the opportunity Israel-haters have longed for as they make Israel a pariah. If Israel tries to protect their borders or launches an attack, the UN will declare them criminals to be tried in their courts, something they have repeatedly tried to do. The United States recently upgraded the Palestine General Delegation to recognized embassies – a dangerous move.  The United States and the aid it sends has kept countries from recognizing the Palestinian borders up until now.

If we abandon or are perceived as abandoning Israel, the UN will forge ahead with the support it needs. The enemy is emboldened and it is questionable whether this administration will provide any support to Israel; we might even do the opposite. It was only a few years ago when Brzezinski (Carter’s appointee) said that if Israel launches any attack against one of the neighboring nations, we should blow them out of the sky.

We also have the upcoming flotilla which is intended to make Israel look demonic. The last flotilla did such a good job that even Israelis were condemning themselves. The fact that the flotilla is a floating “Iranian-communist propaganda machine” has eluded too many. The humanitarian needs in Gaza are real, mostly of their own doing. They chose a terrorist government when given a chance and they then began to lodge bombs into southern Israel on a daily basis. Now there is a blockade which they want lifted. The flotilla, allegedly carrying relief supplies, is the workings of Iran and supported by communists in this country and abroad. The flotilla advocates care about their ideology, not the people. When has statism worked? Why do we continue to fall prey to it? Gaza can get relief the right way – by abandoning terrorism.

Being alert to the dangers surrounding individual freedom is not isolated to problems in Israel. Social justice is the new communism and propaganda attacks against Israel are our problem. It is indefensible to support fascism, whether it’s called social justice, communitarianism or some oxymoron like the democratic socialism. Freedom for the individual is the only freedom and anything else is indefensible.






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