ATF Warning About Obama’s Executive Orders on Gun Control


The executive orders to “make us safer” from gun violence will actually make us less safe according to agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

President Obama has added 26 new gun priorities and they will prevent ATF agents from focusing on where the crime guns come from and turn their attention instead to anyone, including collectors, who buy and sell at gun shows. Gun shows are not the problem, they say.

Federal gun prosecutions are down 35%. This government is letting the bad guys go which is one reason why people don’t believe that the purpose of gun control is safety.


Several states are now considering laws demanding gun insurance, they are attempting to make it illegal to transfer any gun, they are limiting gun sales, ordering background checks for ammunition and banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Washington State hopes to allow family members, law enforcement, and almost anyone to report an alleged high-risk individual in order to have their guns taken away without due process.

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility and others support these measures that will destroy the Second Amendment.

Earlier this month, Bearing Arms reminded us that The National Firearms Act restricts some of the most dangerous guns such as machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. Because some individuals have evaded the background check buying NFA guns through a trust or corporation, Obama wants to put everyone in a so-called NFA trust through extensive background checks.

There have been only two instances of NFA registered firearms being used in criminal homicides in the past 82 years. You’d be more likely to be hit by an asteroid.

The ATF, as a result, just eliminated chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) sign-off from the NFA process, making it easier to acquire silencers, machine guns, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and items classified as “any other weapon.”

The CLEO sign-off has been a major impediment where owning NFA guns is legal. Sheriffs and police chiefs were able to block citizens from obtaining NFA guns by refusing to sign off. They no longer can.

Obama has eliminated the need for NFA trusts and most will be able to acquire machine guns and silencers a lot easier.