Ayatollah Won’t Go Along With 10-Year Plan, Inspections, Free Nuclear Reactors


Ayatollah meeting

The Ayatollah said Iran will neither agree with a 10-year-long restriction on its nuclear activities nor IAEA verification of its undertakings as acceptable terms for a deal with the world powers.

“The Americans are seeking to destroy Iran’s nuclear industry and on the opposite side everyone in Iran, including me myself, the government, the parliament, the judiciary, the security and military bodies and all other bodies, are after a good agreement, that is a fair, just and honorable deal in line with Iran’s interests, while stressing on (the country’s) redlines,” the Supreme Leader said, addressing a meeting with heads of the three branches of power and senior state and military officials, according to Fars news agency.

Two days ago, the Parliament was chanting Death to America.

What is left of this deal?

On bended knee, the United States and its allies are trying to buy off Iran by giving them state-of-the-art nuclear equipment if Tehran agrees to pare down its atomic weapons program as part of a final nuclear agreement, a draft document has revealed.

The AP obtained a copy of the secret  “Civil Nuclear Cooperation,” which outlined the light-water reactors the U.S. and the EU would provide if Iran would just stop building the bomb.