Belcher Was a Murderer, Not a Victim


The beautiful Kasandra Perkins with her precious baby Zoey

Jovan Belcher was a vicious murderer and there is no polite way to say that. The story of Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins is an American tragedy. His mother, Kasandra Perkins, their family and especially the 3-month old baby all deserve our sympathy.

As tragic as it is, Jovan deserves no sympathy. If people want to sympathize with Belcher or try to understand why he did it, that’s everyone’s prerogative, but making excuses for him is unreasonable.

Jovan Belcher spent the night before the murder of Kasandra Perkins with another woman named Brittni Glass. He went home and during a heated argument shot his girlfriend nine times in the chest, neck and abdomen. He apologized to his devastated mother and then kissed his dying or already deceased girlfriend on the forehead.

He then sought out his coach, told him he did it, and thanked him for giving him a chance right before he killed himself. That whole apology-to-his-coach thing doesn’t cut it. It is meaningless. He put his coach through the trauma of seeing him shoot himself, a last act of selfishness and self-pity.

Jovan was an angry and violent person – a powder keg. It is said that he was a substance abuser. He certainly was a womanizer.

I collected comments from various media outlets today and look what is being said  –

It’s the fault of the gun culture.

It’s the fault of guns.

It’s the fault of the substance abuse.

He had an emotional problem and didn’t mean it.

He was distraught, confused, overwhelmed, and terrified.

Wasn’t it nice that he thanked his coach and apologized to his mother.

Football is to blame. He was hit in the head one-too-many times [there is no evidence of this by the way]

It was a crime of passion.

They were a perfect couple.

They had a wonderful relationship.

How could this happen?

He was such a polite young man.

Poor Jovan, he killed himself.

Why did this happen. He loved this girl – clearly. [He loved her so much that he shot her nine times]

He was a consummate teammate, a friendly man and a quiet soul. [Love the whole “soul” thing]

Has our society gone mad? Belcher drove around in a Bentley and had it all. He got paid for doing what he loved and yet, he abused substances and had a history of violence towards women. He was a nasty selfish man. He was a murderer, not one deserving of our sympathy, but one who should be teaching us a lesson.

Are we learning a lesson about what happens when you are a rotten person? No, we are learning it is not anyone’s fault no matter what they do, especially if they are a rich football player.

I wish people would save their sympathy for this beautiful young woman and her baby who has to grow up without parents. Look at her picture with her baby. He took this young woman’s life. Horrible!

Meanwhile did you know that a 20 year old young man died after being beaten with a baseball bat two days ago. Did you know about the man who beat his wife to death with a baseball bat on Staten Island on December 2nd? Of course you didn’t know because a gun wasn’t used.


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