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During the presidential election campaign, President Obama and his advocates used the death of Osama bin Laden to further the narrative that al Qaeda was obliterated. It was his mantra during the DNC convention.

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Nothing, not even  a terror attack, was going to negatively impact the narrative. The incompetence of Hillary Clinton as head of the State Department also needed cover. Covering a politician’s image always trumps the welfare of the American people.

The hearings yesterday left one with the feeling that the Democrats do not have our backs. They were on the political offense/defense and circled the Hillary-Obama wagons during the hearings instead of asking responsible probing questions. They said things like the hearing brought forth nothing new, it’s old information, there’s no smoking gun, and it’s a disgrace that people are attacking Hillary and the president.

The Democrats at the hearing were seemingly not interested in getting at the truth despite the riveting testimony by the very courageous men who were actually involved in Benghazi during the attack.

This was the first time we heard from actual survivors. Saying there was nothing new was very demeaning to the whistleblowers who had the courage to stand up for their former comrades yesterday.

The public was uninterested as well, preferring to read about psycho-killer Jodi Arias and sexual sadist, Ariel Castro.

The media was interested in demeaning the testimony and all Republicans. Politico presented it as a hate-Hillary movement and the stuff of conspiracy theories. WaPo journalist Caitlin Dewey tweeted that Benghazi tweeters were “rich, middle-aged white men and Chick-fil-A lovers.” WaPo didn’t disavow the tweet.

We lost men, we left the men behind in Benghazi, courageous men. Courageous men testified yesterday at great personal risk. Caitlin Dewey’s response was to treat the situation in the most callous way.

The media is an arm of the Democratic Party and they are not looking out for the people. Freedom of the press is a thing of the past. The journalism schools are churning out brain-dead liberals and it shows.

The lack of security at the consulate amounts to a dereliction of duty.

The consulate grew more dangerous as al Qaeda terrorists set up terror training camps in Benghazi. Our administration responded by reducing their security.

Before the attack, consulate employees were hijacked and they had to use their guns. The reaction by the State Department was to withdraw one of the important security teams, leaving the consulate with fewer staff and even less security. The only reason I can come up with for that is our PC administration didn’t want to offend anyone and didn’t want to draw the attention of the US public to Libya.

The Democrats tried to blame the lack of security personnel at the consulate on finances despite the fact that the CFO and Charlene Lamb said money had nothing to do with the problems in Benghazi.

There was unquestionably no video protest.

Susan Rice gave false information to the American public. The misinformation she gave, contradicting our friend, the President of Libya, caused immeasurable harm:

The night before the Benghazi hearings, The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies gave Susan Rice the 2013 Great American award for bring an “exemplar of change and progress. If lying as an art form is progress, then she earned it. [Breitbart News]

Beth Jones, Hillary’s high level official, sent an email on 9/12 stating that it was a terror attack launched by Ansar al- Sharia. That was 4 days before Susan Rice went on the Sunday News shows.

And yet, Patrick Kennedy, Hillary’s number two man at the State Department said he would have said the same thing as Susan Rice had he gone on the talk shows as that is what we knew at the time.

A plane could have been over Benghazi in two to three hours had someone acted:

Mark Thompson, a former Marine and official with the State Department’s Counterterrorism Bureau, said he was rebuffed by the White House when he asked for a specialized team – FEST – to be deployed. This is a unit made up of special operations personnel, diplomatic security, intelligence and other officers. From the onset, the counterterrorism team – FEST – which is charged with the responsibility for a crisis like Benghazi was left out and told to stand down.

There were three military units within range of Benghazi that could have helped the victims. There were three stand down orders.

To  suggestions that the administration was hesitant to deploy because they were unsure of what was happening, Mr. Thompson said, “One definition of a crisis is you do not know what’s going to happen in two hours.”

Further, Hicks explained how a separate team of special forces personnel were not given the authorization to fly from Tripoli to Benghazi. “They were furious,” he said.

There was  retribution against Mr. Hicks who will undoubtedly have his competence assailed in the near future.

Hillary Clinton was involved on the night of the attack. She spoke with Mr. Hicks at 2 am on 9/12 during the attack. She never asked Mr. Hicks if it was a terror attack but he had already sent the cable describing it as a terror attack.

Hillary’s top assistants, including Patrick Kennedy, her number two man, did all the wrong things before and during the attack, refusing adequate security after repeated pleas by personnel. If Hillary didn’t know about the lack of security at the consulate, she should have known. Not knowing your employees are doing a bad job is not an excuse. It was her job to make certain the State Department ran well and that our consulates met minimum safety requirements.

“What this point…does it make,” Hillary asked at her hearing several months ago.

Apparently many agree.

It appears that the media, the Democrats and the public really don’t think any of it makes a difference.

The courageous heroes of Benghazi just might finish last.

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