Bernie Socialist Explains How We’ll Pay for College With a Tiny Minuscule Tax


A Bernie socialist and former AFL-CIO organizer explains why he’s feeling the Bern and how easy it will be to provide free college tuition to everyone.

He was especially proud of Bernie’s goal to give “free college” to everyone and thinks Bernie will pay for it with a tiny minuscule tax on trades which must mean they will get a tiny minuscule education. It will have the benefit of “slowing down” the Stock Market, he added. When Neil Cavuto hit him on it, the Bern man said Bernie wasn’t going to control the market.

Someone needs to explain to him that the AFL-CIO invests union pensions in the Stock Market.

Neil explained that the math doesn’t work for free college.

The Bern man said the cradle to grave freebies, mortgage relief, free tuition are “of course it’s realistic”.

He thinks taxpayers won’t pay for it, just financial institutions.

All I know is if I’m paying for everyone else’s college, I’m going back to college.



  1. For an “educated” person…this guy has completely lost his mind!! I’m sick and tired of people saying that the government owes them ANYTHING. It’s still possible to graduate college with little to no debt…it’s called scholarships, the grants that are already available, and go out and WORK A JOB while you’re in college. Stop with the partying and pick a major that you can actually use when you graduate. Another thing to remember is that not everyone needs a college degree to get a good paying job. I don’t have a college degree and I am doing quite well for myself. As soon as they put a “small tax” on things, that money will find a way to be used for something else and we’ll end up paying more in taxes for that same purpose later. Grow the hell up people…nobody owes you include a college degree.

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