Best Christmas Present to Get at A Funeral

Scamp with Rita McKinlay

They were about to bury Scamp. They even told the grandchildren that Scamp, the family’s Yorkshire terrier-Shih Tzu puppy, had gone to heaven. He was hit by a car and did not survive.

“Scamp was bleeding; his eyes were fixed,” said McKinlay, 49, of Yelm. “We didn’t feel breath on his chest or on his nose.”

Rita McKinlay left Scamp’s lifeless body under the wheelbarrow to keep animals away. The temperatures were below freezing.

“My husband went out the next morning to bury him, before the kids could see, and he was sitting up underneath the wheelbarrow,” she said.

No one is sure exactly what happened, but the frigid conditions might have worked on Scamp the way cold water can help delay brain damage and save the life of a drowning victim, McKinlay said.

They rushed Scamp to the Olympia Pet ER and, aside from a few broken teeth, he was fit and able to go home that same day.

The McKinlay family believes in miracles and they did a lot of praying. Despite the $3000 in Vet bills, they feel it’s the best Christmas present they could have.