Biden and Cuomo Campaign Together on Raising the Minimum Wage


Charles Payne

Charles Payne addressed the minimum wage fiasco about to hit New York on Gretchen Carlson’s show Thursday. It’s only the beginning – other states will fall like Dominoes.

Andrew Cuomo is going to force a minimum wage of $15 on businesses. This is why New York is 51 out of 50 states and the District of Columbia. In fact, if there was a lower level to reach, he’d seek it out.

There is absolutely no way upstate New York can afford to pay people $15 an hour. It almost doubles the current minimum wage.

Appearing with Vice President Joe Biden at the Javits Center in Manhattan in what looked like a campaign, Mr. Cuomo repeatedly invoked his late father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, in a soaring speech peppered with liberal rhetoric, according to the New York Observer.

“It’s wrong to have any economy where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, where the American dream of mobility and opportunity has become more of a cruel myth,” Mr. Cuomo said in front of a cheering crowd of labor union members. “15 dollars an hour will be the highest statewide rate in the nation and will herald a new economic contract with America and it’s about time.”

The so-called “rich” he’s talking about are small business owners, franchise operators who are the backbone of this country.

George Gresham, the president of 1199 SEIU, the powerful healthcare workers union, said the campaign for a $15 minimum wage would be dubbed the “Mario Cuomo campaign for economic justice.”

The unions simply want to push fast food restaurants to unionize. Restaurants are resistant because it would destroy them. The NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) just put a rule in that basically will lead to the destruction of franchises, which most fast food restaurants are.

Biden touted his proposal for a federal minimum wage of $12.

Biden and Cuomo3

Cuomo likes to tout New York as great for business even though it’s delusional to say it.

In 2013, Cuomo took Hurricane Sandy disaster money and ran $140 million in ads to lure businesses to New York. The campaign, “New York State Open for Business,” was a failure.

He also offers corporate welfare to businesses at taxpayer expense, another failure except for the crony corporations that accept.

With the new minimum wage, expect a lot of kiosks, robot burger flippers and automated windows.

Charles Payne told Gretchen Carlson that “At McDonald’s they have touch screens. There is a lot of innovation being tried out. A lot in Europe. This is what Wendy’s said. In April they had a bad earnings report. They say they’re going to do more customer self-checkout kiosk and automate the back of the restaurant. Conceivably you go in, give a kiosk your order and the robot makes the burger in the back. We’re he heading in that direction. The companies will have to make it happen sooner rather than later. The other end of this, the CEO says we have to reduce the staff. That’s the only way to deal with it. You can’t ask the businesses to be in business and not turn a profit.”

Carlson added,  “And also pay for health care.”

Payne responded with, “What about mandatory sick leave? All the things that are being pushed forward by the president, presidential candidates and governors. It’s so misguided and disingenuous. This is the same Cuomo who pushed against fracking jobs. The average job pays $107,000. We don’t have to talk about $15 minimum wage. He would get them to their jobs.”

Notice how he calls New York “sh*tty.” He’s got that right.

Biden thinks the higher it goes, the faster the wage inequity problem is rectified.

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