Boston Bombers Not Inspired by Inspire



recent photo of Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev

A line-of-sight remote controller was used to set off the Boston bombs. Fox News was able to confirm today that the controller used is not described in any of the Inspire magazines. The possibility of overseas training has not been ruled out given this information.

The remote controller used in the bombings also requires that the bomb be set off within about 250 feet and in line-of-sight.  One Fox News report said that it was 250 yards which is not line-of-sight. Given this information, the FBI has not ruled out a third person being involved in the attack.

The gun powder used in the bombings was supposedly bought from Phantom fireworks by Tamerlan. The company denies that the fireworks Tamerlan bought are powerful enough to cause the extensive blasts in Boston.

The FBI interrogation of Dzhokhar was called off before they could ask the questions they needed to ask. They would have prioritized their questions if they had been told the investigation was going to be shut down in less than 48 hours.

Dzhokhar was emotionless when he was arraigned in his hospital bed.

The FBI didn’t tell NYC Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, that Times Square was the next target for 24 hours. Meanwhile, we don’t know if others are involved. Ray Kelly is not happy.

Katherine Russell Tsarnaeva called her husband Tamerlan after the bombing and tipped him off that they were watching him. During the conversation she was not surprised he was suspected of the bombing, according to the FBI.

Two US agencies had Tamerlan on their watch list. There were at least four contacts with Russian spy agencies about Tsarnaev.

US authorities said the mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, was added with her older son to the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, or TIDE, database in 2011. That is a lesser alert level than a terror watchlist.

The parents Anzor and Zubeidat are no longer considering travel to the US in the near future. The father Anzor is allegedly too ill to travel. The mother has left her home in Dagestan with her whereabouts unknown. Dzhorkhar has been moved to a federal prison hospital.

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