Can a 110-Year Old Carousel Be Racist?



A beloved Carousel at Ontario Beach Park in Rochester has thrilled children and adults alike since the very early 1900s. It’s beautiful with it’s hand-carved animals and brassy organ music.

There is one painting, one of quite a few, at the very top of the carousel which is now the cause of leftist hand-wringing because of one woman with a blog. It has gone unnoticed for decades.


The photo is offensive because it stereotypes.

A local woman wrote a blog labeling the painted panel degrading and racist. Andrea Raethka said it has no place in a public park and should be removed.

Are we now going to erase every element, every bit of history that offends in the present day?  The perpetually offended are digging up Civil War generals and defacing their monuments, but is this different? What do you think?

“I have been meaning to write about it for months,” Raethke said. “Now seemed like a good time to bring it up with these types of images being scrutinized more.”

Now the activists are talking about collective action to get rid of the image.

The carousel, built by the well-known Dentzel Carousel Co. in 1905, is owned by the city of Rochester but managed and operated by Monroe County under a long-term parks agreement. The amusement ride, originally dubbed the Duchess, is one of just a few of its kind in the country.

The carousel was designated an official landmark by the city of Rochester in 1980, and any changes to it might require approval by the city preservation board.

Parks officials likely will discuss the image with leaders of the Landmark Society of Western New York at a regularly scheduled meeting next week.

The great grandson of the artist asked that it be preserved somehow, somewhere – it’s history.


  1. So one person in 110years find offence at an image that’s meant for innocent children that wouldn’t understand the image anyway they just wan fun I say ignore the shallow mind of someone that sees this as racist must be a racist in my mind for a mind that is innocent doesn’t see images as racist unless it’s in there mind so I suggest the council grow up and face that this the mind of one shallow racist and ignore the imbecile she won’t be around touch longer and the innocent children will be to enjoy the ride in the bliss if ignorance so politely BOLLOX TO HER peace

  2. I believe these nit lickers are the racist! They see racism in everything! This is history ,history states facts that removing pictures won’t take away. If you ignore history , you don’t learn from mistakes so the same mistakes are repeated. People like this person are the real racist!

  3. this whole thing is nuts, and frankly I am sick of it. You can’t turn around without something or someone being offended by an object, painting, statue, person or wording being called racist. Some people don’t even know what that means and they use the word. Come on people, let’s have some common sense and sense of history.

  4. I suppose it is all in the way anyone looks at it. I see two little African American or if you want to say Black children dressed normally with a huge rooster staring one down, while the other child peeks around the corner. UYOU HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF IF THOSE WERE ORIENTAL SPANISH RUSSIAN POLISH OR OTHER AGLO-AMERICANS OR WHITE CHILDREN WOULD IT EVEN BE CONSIDERED A RACIST THING THEN? PROBABLY NOT, THIS ENTIRE THING IS RIDICULOUS. ONLY IN AMERICA CAN PEOPLE BE SO STUPID.

  5. The forces of “presentism,” a new political correctness vetting process which “mercilessly subjects history and historical figures to a contemporary social enlightenment,” cares nothing for content, common sense, or truth.

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