Can We Discuss Muslim Prayers?


Where is the line between Islamization and Islamophobia?


A coach is being fired for praying on the field after games in one US town but Muslims took over a street in LA to pray to which no one objected. What would happen if thousands of Jews blocked streets to pray? One is somehow acceptable and another is not depending on where it takes place of course.

Pamela Geller unearthed this video.

This has become a concern in France where it is illegal. The public worship, the blocked streets, and the private security the Muslims use are all not allowed. They do it anyway and the police have been ordered not to intervene. Some believe that they do it outside instead of in Mosques to assert their power and their presence.

CBN Video:

Marine LePen, a political leader of the far-right, believes it’s proof that France is being Islamized.

Only about 10% of the French population is Muslim, at least it was before the invasion but they have children at a far more rapid rate.

More than two thirds of French and German people now consider the integration of Muslims into their societies a failure, pollster IFOP said in a survey published on Jan. 5 2011. In France, where Islam is the second-largest religion after Catholicism, 42% saw it as a threat to national identity, according to The Sunday Times lk.

Pamela Geller said it’s happening everywhere.


This is a video of prayers on a grassy area by the highway in Brooklyn in September during a Holy Day.

Prayers at Whitehall in February.

Whitehall February 2015


Are we looking at Islamization?



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bill gullen
bill gullen
6 years ago

‘annie’ makes a strong point that Christians have to hide their stripes these days;
but we saw that coming when an alabama court ordered judge roy moore’s
intaglio of the ten commandments removed from the statehouse, shortly followed
by the judge himself. these days a high-school football player needs to be mindful
of his body language in the end-zone or risk extrajudicial penalties.

it is interesting to note that the main protagonist in moore’s case, and those of
subsequent evangelical exuberance, was the a.l.c.u. ; a profoundly jewish organized
and funded operation since mr. baldwin brought it to the fore in the 1920’s.
the impact of the a.c.l.u. on american society and culture has been to divide us and
de-construct our nationalism; apparently it’s polemic is succeeding, as ‘annie’ blames
the ‘muslims’ for the suppression of her religious freedom, but not those who regulate
sectarian expression.

as far as the ‘disruption’ caused by multitudes of the faithful kneeling in submission to
their God in communities across america; i can only say that i am comforted by a people
who worship the father of Abraham, as i do. Allah and Yahweh are one in the same,
and by the way; nobody made a fuss when the pope-mobile made it’s way through three
major american cities in september. the catholisists and the ‘media’ rejoiced enforce.

just say’n …b

6 years ago

We Christians have to go pray in a private place so as not to insult these folks who are by their very appearance (in their “garb”) are an insult to many of us. No one has the religious freedom they do and in a country not of their birth. Religious freedom is a fundamental right for the citizens of the United States and no one has the right to take that away and give it to a “religious” sect.